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Golden Nuggets: And Then There Were Seven... Still.

Hello everyone, James here with your Nuggets. I'm doing these a bit earlier than usual because I've got to sleep early tonight and I can't be up at three in the morning doing these. I've got a busy day tomorrow and so help me if I miss Djovokic vs Verdasco tomorrow I will be LIVID. Absolutely livid! And you don't want a cranky guy reporting your news or things will be just.. just awful! That being said.. the Niners made some moves, we got an eighth man on our practice squad.. and then we lost one, so right now the team is sitting once again at seven players on the practice squad. Michael Crabtree has still not signed and I'm officially giving up on him. Do not want him. Can't win with him. CAN'T DO IT! ...Here's your links.

The 49ers signed Diyral Briggs to the practice squad, bringing it up to eight... and then released Khalif Mitchell, bringing it back down to seven. Intriguing. (

More on that from Barrows as well as an analysis for each of the players on the practice squad. (

Check this out. New, confidential sources have exciting, breaking news on the Michael Crabtree situation.. The news? Nothing new. (

Kevin Lynch has some predictions for the 49ers season. I mean, it's a good read but there's not much new information here. It's just a safe pick you know? Well, I for one, will not settle for the norm. The 49ers will have AT LEAST 30 wins this season. Book it. (

A look at one of the 49ers special teams coaches, Dave Flipp. (

Eric Davis has another Wrap Up, naming his preseason MVPs. Which leads me to bring him up again, what does everyone think of Aubrayo Franklin? (

Sorry I don't have much else for you right now, I'll update before tennis starts in the morning if there's anything else to link to.