Week 1 Prediction Games

FOOCH'S UPDATE: Make sure and get your picks in before the games get going tomorrow.  And if you miss the morning games, you're more than welcome to make predictions for the afternoon games to try and salvage some points for the day.

Oh yes my friends IT'S BACK!  The 2009 prediction contest is officially at hand.  All are welcome to participate, from the newest to the oldest readers.

We've been fortunate that howtheyscored has developed a very solid system for this game, even if it means our dominant champion from last season came from across the pond!  Ninerfromacrossthepond dominated last season winning the regular season title and then rolling to the postseason bracket title.  Will he be able to defend his title?  Will wjackalope and howtheyscored fight to the death for the tiebreaker points?  The story lines are endless!

Before we get to the games of the week, I wanted to pass along a few important notes and a new rule for this season.  First, some of the basics.  I'll select 6 games each week, 3 of which will be the 49ers, MNF and SNF.  This week happens to have 2 MNF games so we'll have 4 games pre-determined.  The remaining games I choose with an eye for intriguing matchups (as opposed to guaranteed blowouts).  Also, we'll never use games before Sunday (Saturday or Thursday) unless the 49ers are involved.

Second, a reminder on the scoring can be found here.

After the jump, an important new rule for formatting your scores and the six games to pick.

Up until now, folks have just posted their scores in any particular fashion, although howtheyscored has made requests for a specific format.  Given the amount of time and effort howtheyscored has to put into determining the final results, I am implementing a requirement for how to format your scores (based on the spreadsheet howtheyscored has created).  If you fail to follow this format, any incorrectly formatted scores for the week will be disqualified.  The format is "Team A @ Team B: A score - B score."  That basically is visitor @ home: visitor score - home score."  Here's an example of how to do it:

Using Buffalo @ New England below, if you think New England will win 24-14, here's how it HAS to look:

Buffalo @ New England: 14 - 24

If you think Buffalo will win 24-14, it needs to appear as this:

Buffalo @ New England: 24 - 14

If you'd like you can bold the winner (Buffalo @ New England: 14 - 24), but that is not required (although probably a good backup in case you reversed the score by accident.

If you make a mistake in the formatting I'll reply to your score reminding you to correct it.  To correct it, simply reply to your picks and post them in the correct format.  Do not post your scores again at the bottom of the thread.  I'll make sure and include these directions each week so people do not forgot and lose out on points.  As I mentioned above, we're doing this to make howtheyscored's life easier in figuring out the scores.  The # of regular commenters has increased dramatically since last season, so we're anticipating a greater # of prediction contest participants.  While this is a new rule, I don't think it's all that difficult for folks to follow it.

If anybody has any questions at all about this, or anything related to the contest, let me know ( and I'll answer them.  On to the first batch of games!  Also, just a reminder that all times listed are pacific.

49ers @ Arizona - Sunday 9/13 1:15pm

Buffalo @ New England - MNF 9/14 4:00pm

San Diego @ Oakland - MNF 9/14 7:15pm

Chicago @ Green Bay - SNF 9/13 5:20pm

Philadelphia @ Carolina - Sunday 9/13 10:00am

Washington @ NY Giants - Sunday 9/13 1:15pm

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