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Golden Nuggets: Neeeeed links

Hey everyone, apologies for no links yesterday. There was a bit of miscommunication, either way it was my fault and I apologize. Regardless of amount of links there will always be the Nuggets up, whenever I miss them it's not intentional but I'll try and keep said missing to a minimum. Any way, the playoffs have been... well to be honest, this is one of the worst wildcard rounds in recent memory. Sure the Cards/Packers game ended up being a shootout, but it was more of the sloppy kind of "oh my God look at that terrible defense" shootout. The rest of the games were boring and hardly competitive. As far as the Niners go, not sure what I have for you but obviously there should be some looks ahead at the offseason, free agency and the draft. That being said, if you find anything I miss, post it up. Enjoy, folks.


Hey it's the last thing I want to think about.. a closer look at the 49ers offensive line. (

A review and preview of the 49ers season and upcoming season, a report card if you will. (

What to look for in some of the possible free agents for next season. I like the idea of Mankins and Bodden. (

Alex Smith is the starting QB for next season. That is to say, uh, unless someone better comes along. (

Singletary's vision was on display for most of the wild card round... just you know, it was the wrong players and uniforms and Singletary wasn't out there coaching them. (

So, division rivals the Arizona Cardinals are doing pretty well for themselves.. I mean, aside from the terrible no call at the end of the game on that facemask, not to mention after the Cards player got the ball there was also holding from a defensive player. You know, 1st and 10, fifteen yard penalty for the Packers? Yeah, guess not. (