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Golden Nuggets: Mixing and matching links

Ninjames is a bit under the weather so I'm here to provide you with some links this morning.  There's not a whole ton going on but I found a few links here and there.  I actually added a few non-49ers links from the rest of the division, or at leas the Rams and the Seahawks.  While most of us are busy focusing on the 49ers, there is some value in checking out what the rest of the division has to say.  So, I threw in a couple links from each, particularly given all the craziness going on up in Seattle.

Playoffs: Defense rules (with one major exception) (Barrows)

Baas, Mankins in uncharted free-agent waters (Barrows)

Singletary to interview April on Tuesday (Barrows)

April on 49ers' radar for special-teams vacancy (Maiocco)

Faithful Vote: Best Touchdowns of 2009 (

Lott on KNBR (

49ers Sign TE Finley to Future Contract (

49ers 8th Annual Celebrity Crab Festival - Union Square (

A few more links after the jump...

One quick thought per NFC West team (Sando -

Whisenhunt shrugs off facemask non-call (Sando -

Rams team needs (Turf Show Times)

2010 prospect watch (DE edition) - Jan. 11th (Turf Show Times)

It's Official: Seahawks Announce Carroll As Head Coach (Field Gulls)

Pete Carroll Bores Me (Field Gulls)