Niners Nation 2010 Community Mock Draft(s)

Alright everybody, with the offseason in full gear, the time has come for our annual Niners Nation Community Mock Draft. Drew K will be running things, but I wanted to get the ball rolling in finding people who would be interested in taking part. We'll (likely) be doing multiple two-round mock drafts. The tentative schedule is to do one shortly after the final player list is available (meaning in the next week or two). The second mock would happen in March, after the Combine and after the initial rush of free agency. The third mock would happen shortly before the draft in April. Depending on how the first mock goes will determine how many of these we do.

We're looking for 15 or 31 people (Drew or I will be the 16th or 32nd person). Each person would then get 1 team or 2 teams, and would handle them for 2 rounds. In the past we've done this via email. The difference this year is that we would do it in a FanPost, via the comments. The plan is to that people would have five minutes to submit their pick in the comments. With 5 minutes per pick, 64 picks (2 rounds of 32) would ideally take no more than 5 hours total. We could do that over two days, meaning 2.5 hours per day. So, it would require a bit of a bigger commitment since you'd need to block away some time on a given day or two. We would want a pick and then a brief few sentences (or longer if you want) with a description of why you think that's the right pick.

If a person's time elapses without a pick, we'll have a list of best players available and Drew, as the administrator of these mocks) will select based on commonly accepted team needs and the BPA list. This first mock in the next week or two will operate much like a dry-run to see how this works. By using the comments it will allow some fun interaction. If people disagree with a pick, they'll reply directly to the pick made and the discussion will flow like that.

We haven't quite decided how teams will be assigned but we're bouncing around some ideas. Obviously everybody would be interested in doing the 49ers picks. Since that's the case, when you post whether you're interested, and can commit to the idea of a live draft, please also include whether you're interested in any particular non-49ers teams. There are no guarantees you'll get the team, but it is useful information to have.

All teams are being randomly assigned. If you have any questions, fire away.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.