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End of the decade and changes to the NFL

Over at they provide a variety of feature stories related to the events of the day for the various sports.  One of our bloggers, Brian from Buffalo Rumblings, put together an interesting post discussing some of the problems with the NFL and ways they can be addressed.  It's an intriguing read and I thought I'd pull a few of them out with some thoughts on them.

Create/Develop a minor league: Thanks to the age requirement for entry into the NFL Draft, the NCAA acts as a sort of developmental league for the NFL.  It's not anywhere remotely close to perfect, but it's one option.  NFL Europe was supposed to be a developmental league, but it never really caught on enough to be successful.  Some have said the UFL could develop into something like that.  I think whatever minor league there might be, it would probably be best if it worked in conjunction with the NFL season, as we see with the MLB minors and the NBDL.

Overtime Rules: We've discussed this ad nauseum in a variety of circumstances.  My suggestion remains each team gets one chance with the ball and then it becomes sudden death.  In that Arizona-GB game it wouldn't have mattered because the Cardinals scored a defensive TD.  But if the Packers had kicked a field goal to open OT, then Arizona would get a chance.  A touchdown and they win.  A field goal and you go to sudden death.  That way both team's get a chance.

Abolishing PSLs: In a perfect world it'd be great, and I suppose owners should be shelling out more money for their stadiums.  But is it realistic to see this happening?  I suppose this could weed out cheap-skate owners since many would need to shell out big bucks for their stadium.