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Golden Nuggets: Moving on, yes?

Good morning everyone, James here. We're just going to go ahead and turn the page on that topic yesterday, no? Ok then. I'll have you all know I haven't slept since 1 AM yesterday, either and I'm running completely on espresso. As far as 49ers news go, we actually have some links to go with today. Some things concerning the vacant special teams coordinator position and some other stuff concerning the 49ers business side of operations and the like. We've got some looks at some of the talent going into next season, probably some more free agent looks and I'm assuming some more draft prospects. I'd have put together an article today to increase the amount of content but I currently feel like my brain is soaking in a nice jar of formaldahyde somewhere high up on a shelf I can't reach. Still, I'm hoping the people like myself and Samuel Lam can do stuff at our respective blogs to keep more links up for the Nuggets. I also have a couple front page posts planned in the coming week or so here at Niners Nation so be looking for that in the future. Lastly, I'll look to continue the habit of posting up links from our rival blogs here at SBNation because we need to pay careful attention to the opposition, no? Stay tuned folks, I won't let this offseason be bland, not by a longshot. Love you guys too much. Here's some links...

The team interviewed Bobby April for the vacant special teams coordinator position. Hm.. interesting prospect, no? (

Jed York is now the chief executive officer. (

The move comes as the 49ers restructure the business side of their operations. (

The 49ers signed a fullback I've never heard of to a future contract. Cool. (

The Santa Clara group is ready for stadium voting. (

A look at the 49ers "draft blueprint". (

Here's the newest edition of Josh's Journal, in which he honors WR Isaac Bruce. So does everyone think Bruce will make the hall of fame? (

So what DOES everyone think of HB Glen Coffee? I'm not even remotely close to giving up on him yet. He should be good in the future, maybe even better than good. (

An article concerning the Seahawk's new head coach, Pete Carroll, as well as touching up on other matters like the playoffs and some free agents that are coming up. (

The team signed TE Joe Jon Finley to a future contract. Cool, I guess, but I'm still sad over Bear Pascoe. Now THAT guy was our future. [insert coolface.jpg here] (

I'd love to have Mankins, but nobody really knows what it would take at this point. He's not worth a first. (

I guess it really isn't a right fit, but I do with that this WAS the right situation for Josh Cribbs to land in San Francisco. (

I have only thing to say to these Seahawks fans..... You mad? (

Pete Carroll may have a second shot at QB Jimmy Clausen in the form of the Seahawks draft. I hope they don't get him. (

Don't be fooled by the hype machine, a great message from our resident Rams blog. (