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David Baas: A partial season retrospective

Either tomorrow or early next week, I'll throw out a rundown of all free agents for more general discussion.  However, I've been meaning to post this particular post since the end of the season and finally got around to doing it.  One guy who got a lot of guff from 49ers fans this season was David Baas.  Depending on how the collective bargaining shakes out, he could be looking at life as a restricted free agent, which makes it a lot easier, and potentially more reasonable, for the 49ers to re-sign him.

Maiocco did a rundown of the offensive line and predicted the team will likely re-sign Baas.  In discussing the line, Maiocco had this to say about Baas:

Left guard David Baas missed a month of valuable practice time during training camp he tore the plantar fascia in his left foot during Singletary's "nutcracker" drill. Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye blames Baas' poor start to the season on that setback. Again, Baas play improved late in the season. He was dominant in the 49ers' victory over the Cardinals late in the season. And he was named the winner of the Bobb McKittrick Award. But, like Rachal, he needs to be more consistent.

For most weeks of this past season (well, 11 of them at least), Maiocco put together a review of the entire 53-man roster and how they performed in a given game.  After the jump, I've posted his quick thoughts on Baas from every game in which he did the review.  He missed 5 games, so this isn't exactly a complete compilation.  And if you don't agree with Maiocco's assessments, it is after all just one man's look at a position that is often overlooked.

There has been a lot of chatter about potentially grabbing a guard relatively early in the draft.  Maiocco did a look at the draft as well, and in that section he made a comment about Baas likely just signing a one-year tender to get to unrestricted free agency next year.  If that's the case, grabbing a guard certainly makes sense.

So, this post isn't so much a look at potential specific replacements for Baas, but rather just how people think the 49ers will handle Baas this offseason, and how they see the position being handled into next season and beyond.

Week 1 vs. Arizona

64-David Baas: He missed most of training camp with a foot injury, and it showed. He was partly responsible for one sack when Dockett got past him to create pressure, and he whiffed on DE Calais Campbell on a late-game run play that almost resulted in Gore being tackled in the end zone.

Week 2 vs. Seattle

64-David Baas: He had a much better game than in the opener, including big contributions on Gore's TD runs.

Week 4 vs. St. Louis

64-David Baas: Started at left guard and played the entire game. . . . James Hall, working against Baas, got a sack in the third quarter but Hill probably held the ball too long . . . Pulled to make block on Chris Long on Coffee's best carry of the day, a 17-yarder in fourth quarter . . . It was a mixed-bag kind of game.

Week 5 vs. Atlanta

64-David Baas: Started at left guard and played the entire game. He missed a block on Jonathan Babineaux on the first play of the game that resulted in no gain. . . . He then gave up a pressure on Hill's pass that was tipped and intercepted two plays later.

Week 7 @ Houston

64-David Baas: He started at left guard. His pass protection was good, though he was pushed back into Smith on the final play while turning late to pick up a stunt. I'm going to write the same thing about all the offensive linemen: There just wasn't enough push in run blocking.

Week 8 @ Indianapolis

64-David Baas: Started at left guard. He handled defensive tackle Antonio Johnson on Gore's touchdown run. Baas did not give up any sacks, but he did get one when he stepped on Smith as he was backing up under center. The next play, linebacker Gary Brackett beat Baas to throw Gore for a 1-yard loss. Baas did a nice job on a third-and-1 run by Norris that gained 3 yards. Baas was also called for a holding penalty that he did not deserve. In the first half, Johnson tried to spin against Baas, and then he just fell down. Baas never had ahold of Johnson, but he was called for the penalty nonethess.

Week 9 vs. Tennessee

64-David Baas: Started at left guard. His run-blocking was solid. He missed one series in the third quarter with a shoulder stinger. Surrendered a pressure to Tony Brown on final drive.

Week 12 vs. Jacksonville

64-David Baas: Started at left guard. Went up against rookie Terrance Knighton, a third-round round draft pick who had a very quiet game.

Week 13 @ Seattle

64-David Baas: Started at left guard. Locked up defensive tackle Colin Cole on Smith's 42-yard pass down middle to Vernon Davis in second quarter. . . . Mebane got a half-sack sack working against him. Baas shaded him to the inside, almost as if he were expecting a chip block from Gore.

Week 14 vs. Arizona

64-David Baas: Started at left guard, and played the best game of his NFL career. . . Pulled and made good block Karlos Dansby to allow Gore to pick up 7 yards on first drive. . . . Pulled and made kickout block on Adrian Wilson to help Gore pick up 36 yards. . .. Made block on Dansby for 10-yard run down near the goal line . . . Led way, driving forward on Gore's 2-yard TD run in the fourth quarter.

Week 16 vs. Detroit

64-David Baas: Started at left guard. Lost footing as he pulled on fourth-and-1 play, and might have been able to make a block to allow Gore to make necessary yardage . . . Gave up pressure to Cohen resulting in ball batted down at line of scrimmage. . . . He did very well in pass protection throughout the game.