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Golden Nuggets: You must be swift as...

Morning, morning to all of you. Another day, another version of the Nuggets and... hey, check it out, we have a pretty fair amount of links to sort through, again. I'm hoping throughout the offseason I'll be able to keep the pace that I'm setting, my goal every day will be, of course, the make the jump in each article.  Still, I'll be doing my best every time to keep each link providing new content as opposed to throwing in the same news and opinions from different sites, but then again I don't always read everything, ya know? We've got some more looks at the draft, which I'm sure we'll be taking every day alongside free agency previews and question marks. Free agency was dull this season and this upcoming one is looking like it will be even more dull. We've got some articles concerning, as always, the vacant ST Coordinator position as well as one looking at a couple 49ers who may not be returning next season, despite still being under contract. One of these is CB Nate Clements, who, I'm really not sure at this point deserves that large contract. Hmmm... either way, let's get down to business. (To defeat... the huns! Did they send me daughters... what, no Mulan reference? Heh. Your loss, Bro.)

Maiocco asks the question.. will these three players be on the opening day roster next season? The players are Clements, Lewis and Jones. I can't say I have very strong votes of confidence for Jones or Clements, but what do I know? (

Bobby April is reportedly the leading candidate for the special teams coordinator job, which I suppose is a good thing. The team has yet to make him an offer, however. (

49ers DE Ricky Jean-Francois has some family in Haiti, currently and is waiting to here from them. What a horrible tragedy... (

On the official website, Gary Plummer wraps up his "Points of the Game" series with a look at the team as it stands currently at the end of the season with "Points of the Season." (

LB Patrick Willis was named All-Pro... again. Need I say more? (

Touched up on this yesterday, but the 49ers reorganized the business operations within the organization. (

Hey uh... you can help the 49ers win the "Best Sports Twitter" award... That's almost like a Super Bowl, right? Right? (

Over at the WebZone, one of the writers has a pretty good (and very depressing) look at the last decade in 49er-land... "A little revenge," he says. Let's hope that this decade is of the kind and bubbly variety. (

A look at the 49ers draft order, as well as a few suggestions for their first couple picks from Lam. (

The 49ers are seeing orange.. I like Bulaga a lot. Just saying. (

Why not check out the latest edition of the 49ers Fancast with Indiana Jim? I wish I had linked to this more during the season as I have always found these to be interesting. I mean, it's certainly better than MY podcast, but then again mine is all about being a bro and nothing about the 49ers. Huh. Still, good stuff right here. (49ersFancast)

Sando answers some questions pertaining to the 49ers in his mailbag. (

LB Patrick Willis finished sixth in Sporting News voting for the DPOTY award. I knew he wouldn't get it this season but I was hoping he'd get a bit more votes. Ah well, dirt on the shoulder, no? You do after all gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder... Alright, maybe Jay-Z references aren't as awesome as Mulan references. (

Hats off to the Rams, the 49ers weren't the only team to have a drastic improvement on the defensive side of the ball. (

The Seahawks may be after C.J. Spiller... man, is it weird that they still scare me more than the Cardinals? At the beginning of the season I said the 'Hawks would be the team to beat. Turns out Aaron Curry provided to suffer from massive amounts of suck, but I still think they are one good draft away from being scary good. (

The fans might be being lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to Curry. Apparently he got a pretty good amount of pressures. I'll admit, I'm watching that comment board just waiting for Frog to go off on someone. (

Kurt Warner's future in the NFL and thusly, the Arizona Cardinals may be in question just a little bit. (