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All-Pro Patrick Willis not good enough to get votes for Defensive POY

The news that Packers CB Charles Woodson won defensive player of the year is a day old.  Earlier today the NFL announced it's All-Pro team, where all-world linebacker Patrick Willis was named for the second time in three years.  More importantly, he had the second most votes (49 out of 50) behind only RB Chris Johnson.

The voting for the Defensive POY broke down as follows:

Charles Woodson - 28 votes
Darrelle Revis - 14 votes
Elvis Dumervil - 3 votes
Darren Sharper - 3 votes
Jared Allen - 2 votes

That's right, our man Bamm Bamm finished with 0 votes for defensive player of the year.  I'm certainly not stunned because the guys getting votes are extremely talented and put up some monster numbers this year.  I do think Willis deserved more recognition for this award because he was an impact player.  Leading the NFL in tackles is certainly a solid achievement, but it's possible to put up big tackle numbers that are rather empty (see Smith, Derek).  I don't think that's the case with Willis, but I suppose voters might consider that.  It's a shame, but at least he was an all-pro.

One person who continues to annoy me is Rex Ryan.  Darrelle Revis had a great year for the Jets, and Rex Ryan thinks it's a joke that he didn't win the award.

"I wasn't going to comment on it," Ryan told reporters. "But I would like to congratulate the people that voted for Darrelle Revis. These guys obviously really know the game. And you've got to look at all the numbers, not just a number about this, or this stat or that stat."

Ryan had high praise for Revis.

"For me, this is the best year a corner has ever had, the most impact a corner has ever had in the National Football League. That's my opinion. But apparently that wasn't the opinion of everybody who voted."

Was Charles Woodson really that un-deserving?  I certainly would have had no problem with Revis winning the award, but did Woodson clearly not deserve to win at all?  I know stats don't tell the whole story, but even still, Woodson has some impressive numbers.  He was tied for the NFL lead in interceptions and touchdown returns, and has no problem getting physical, finishing with 66 tackles.  Revis had a great season, but I kind of think Rex is going overboard.

The other question to come out of this: Is Rex Ryan the biggest blowhard coach the NFL has had in recent memory?