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Golden Nuggets: Haha, classic.

Well, good morning. I'll admit, I almost forgot to put the Nuggets together tonight. Not a whole lot of people know this about me but my top two favorite sports are very close in ranking to me. Being that, while football is number one, my favorite--my second favorite sport is tennis. Shocking, right? Still, the Aussie Open is going down and I've been watching videos and reading up on the matchups all day and seriously almost went to bed just now. But I couldn't leave you guys to BORING MCBORINGSON AKA FOOCH RIGHT? Alright, that was probably a little mean, but he almost never replies to anything I say in jest to him, I wonder if he silently stews or if he's just like "lol." The world may never know. Moving on to actual, factual 49ers news (sorry for stalling, folks) I've got as many links as I can dig up but not nearly as many as I had yesterday. Still, I spoil you guys enough, enjoy what you get! Sorry, no awesome references today considering none of you were cool enough to even comment on the reference yesterday, let alone sing the entire song in the comments like I hoped. Lame. Enjoy your links, folks. :]

A bit about April, a bit about some free agents.. a bit about some college players and the draft. A bit of everything, it seems. (

Bobby April ended up going to the Eagles. Sucks, I don't really like any of the other candidates. Let's bring back Al, that's my stance. (

LB Patrick Willis was one vote away from being a unanimous pick for the All-Pro team, receiving 49 out of 50 votes. (

The only player who received 50 out of 50 was Titan's RB Chris Johnson. Can't say he didn't deserve it. (

The honors just keep coming in for Patrick Willis. What a beast. (

A look at some of the underclassman likely to declare for the draft, some of whom the 49ers may be interested in. (

There's a new 49ers Fancast up, I've yet to listen to it but it's always stellar so head on over. (49ersFancast)