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Golden Nuggets: Leave the puns to me

Morning folks. Right off the bat I'll let you know that the title is in reference to the worst pun I've ever read in the history of puns, I'll touch up on it when I link to said article. Moving on, I'm very excited that the 49ers will be playing in London, if only for the benefit of (very likely) my favorite user here, LondonNiner. I hope I can make it there, at this point it seems like a semi-far off goal but it's definitely enough time to save up enough cash so who knows? At the very least LondonNiner owes me a pint of London's finest so that alone is probably incentive for me to start saving. As a season ticket holder, however, if I can't make the game I'm going to be pretty upset, considering the 49ers lose a home game and I'm really selfish. The amount of delicious hot dogs, chicken and steak I will likely miss out in looks to increase by 12.5% and that, my friends, is 12.5% too damn high. Here's some links and stuff.

Experienced (Bly) Nature. Boooooo. (

See, here's a decent pun and a genuinely well-liked player as well! Snap Judgements with Brian Jennings, the 49ers long snapper and definite best player. (

And yeeep, you'll be seeing the 49ers playing in London this upcoming season, against the Denver Broncos. (

It does, however, mean the 49ers lose a home game this season. Which is laaaaaaaame. (

The team interviewed Kurt Schottenheimer for the special teams coordinator position. What a huge downgrade over Al Everest, seriously. (

Here's a general article, focusing on the ST coordinator search in particular. (

That's all I have right now, folks.