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Golden Nuggets: Certainly hope so..

Heyyyyyy. Thanks to Fooch for getting the links up for me, it was one of the rare occasions where I notified him by email in advance. High five for improvement? Anyway, not a whole lot going on today, in fact I don't think I have more than three unique articles that you didn't see yesterday. But I'm willing to bet articles read better when I post them instead of him right? Right? Anyway, that was a pretty good weekend of playoff games. Everything happened pretty much as I expected it to, let's see if it's just as predictable next week, eh? Still, the most interesting thing to consider is concerning our rivals, the Arizona Cardinals... Will Kurt Warner be retiring or will he return for another season? I think I might be the only guy on the planet that dislikes Kurt Warner immensely, but I do hate to see a player realize that he no longer can play the game they love without risk. Still, he does play for a division rival and I have to figure without him the division belongs to the 49ers.That's a nice thought, right? Man. 8-8 is cool and all...

So yeah. Warner retirement = 49ers division title? Sweet deal, right? (

Coach Mike Singletary isn't afraid to take his time. Unfortunately that means getting stuck with people like Jimmy Raye. (

May as well take a look at what our resident Cardinals' blog is discussing for the future of their team. (