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Tim Tebow: I think I think Peter King wants to make me physically ill

Matt Barrows posted an interesting link to a Peter King article that really was just meant to annoy me to no end this morning:

I think, if I had to guess right now, I'd say the best shot for Tim Tebow on draft day is San Francisco, at number 13. No proof. No solid evidence. Just this: The Niners gave a tepid endorsement to Alex Smith as their quarterback of 2010 after the season; and Mike Singletary didn't draft him; and Singletary is going to fall in love with Tebow once he meets him after the season; and Tebow is the kind of winner that Singletary has preached he wants since he took the job from Mike Nolan in mid-2008. After Singletary meets Tebow at the Scouting Combine, this is my prediction of his reaction: He'll turn to GM Scot McCloughan and say, "That's my guy. We've got to have him.''

My distaste for Tebow as an NFL QB, let along a first round pick, knows no bounds. The point Barrows made that might drive it home for some is the idea of replacing one Urban Meyer-based QB with another Urban Meyer-based QB. Obviously Tebow brings some different athletic abilities to the table, but it's still the same general system. And one could argue Tebow would be coming to the NFL with even worse mechanics than Alex Smith.

I often hear things like, if X happens I'll do eat my hat, or something bizarre along those lines.  I'm feeling that is the appropriate type of line for if the 49ers draft Tebow in the first round.  I'm not saying they wouldn't grab him later in the draft (much later), but I just can't fathom them taking Tebow in the first round.  I guess I just refuse to accept it.