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Golden Nuggets: 4.4 average not satisfying, Singletary wants 4.0

Morning, everyone. Taking a break from watching the (awesome) Australian Open to give you some links. My guy already won so I suppose it means I can get some productive writing in. So what went down yesterday? Oh that's right, the 49ers hired a fossil for the ST coordinator job.. Now, now, I'll give him his chance. I hope I'm wrong and he does great, and I won't argue with anyone if he does well but I don't think you can go from Al Everest to Kurt Schottenheimer and be all smiles about it. I do know, however, that regardless of who is your coordinator... if you have Arnaz Battle back there fielding punts, well... 4.4 AVG is probably the best you're going to get. Personnel is where we're lacking mostly and it won't get any better if we don't get a returner. (cougharenascough)

So yep, it's official: Kurt Schottenheimer is the new special teams coordinator for the 49ers. I'll hold my tongue. (

Here's some notes on Schottenheimer.. really not liking the bit about "special teams is defensive minded." To me that says you're totally cool with 4.4 AVG. (

Coach Singletary says that the team will make some moves this offseason to show everyone that special teams is a priority. Cool deal. (

Oh wow, people think about this? They think this is a possibility? Tebow to the Niners? I just.. I mean.. wow. I'd take Tebow.. in the sixth round or so, good prospect for that range, in my opinion. I suppose he'd be a better pick than Kentwan Balmer? (

The 49ers aren't likely to pursue a veteran QB this offseason with Kurt Warner not available. I did toy with the thought of Jason Campbell for a bit, but it seems unlikely. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at some of the free agent running backs. Love the Bush-Gore nickname, made me laugh for real. One name I'd look at in the FB list if Kreider from the Cardinals, I think he's pretty underrated. (

Hey check it out, our Rams blog rated an ex-49er pretty high. Remember Billy Bajema? Cool stuff. I mean, he was valuable for the team but uh.. I gotta admit, he was my first player to cut on Madden every franchise. (

So.. you know one of the biggest trends I've noticed at our Seahawks blog. Dey mad. Dey so mad. (

Disclaimer: I'm not actually as upset with the Schottenheimer hiring as I sound. That is all. Just kidding.. O'Doyle rules! Ok anyway, that's the end of my disclaimer.