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Golden Nuggets: Hope I'm Wrong

Morning, morning folks. I suppose I'm done stirring things up as far as Schottenheimer goes, I'm willing to settle down, sit back, and hope he does well. I hope everyone understands that much about what I was saying--I love being wrong in those situations. I hope I'm wrong and Schottenheimer fixes our ST unit. I hope I'm wrong and Alex Smith is actually a serviceable QB. I hope I'm wrong and Jimmy Raye turns out to not be a bat-[site decorum] crazy old fool. I hope I'm wrong about.. well, a lot of things. I love being wrong. Except when I said Battle was useless-I was right on the money there. Any way, sorry for ranting (lol he neeever does that, you say) and here's some links for you.

Don't count on a Bush-Smith reunion next season, even if Lam came up with some sweet nicknames for a Bush-Gore combo. I somehow doubt the nickname implications are a big part in what coaches look for when scouting out a player. (

Apparently there's some sort of interview with Alex Smith on Comcast on Friday. Cool deal. (

53 underclassmen declared for the draft. (

The 49ers and Raiders should draft locally, apparently. Well, I disagree but oh well. (

Cool deal, Mike Nolan, ex-49ers failu--head coach is now the defensive coordinator of the Dolphins. (

Woooh, let's go Vikings! Get Gore and Smith in the pro bowl! (

A return man is near the top of the 49ers to-do list. I certainly hope so. (