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Golden Nuggets: Turnover in the secondary?

Good morning everyone, James here. I'm doing these links VERY early, but I sent off an email to Fooch to check these before he sleeps so he can update them. So if anything is missed it's totally his fault and you can blame him, and if I could open the comments for site decorum I totally would but I can't.  Either way I'm doing these early because I didn't sleep at all last night and I'm already having to backspace every other word so why don't I get to the 49ers stuff? Hey cool I just looked over and I see Larry Fitzgerald on Dog the Bounty Hunter.. screw that guy (both of them.) Anyway, here's some links for you.

Everybody seems to be stepping out of the Pro Bowl--RB Frank Gore was added to the pro bowl roster due to an injury to Rams RB Steven Jackson. Two beasts of the NFC West, to be sure. (

There could be much turnover in the 49ers secondary.. haha that's classic. Anyway, yeah I'm not too sure what's going to happen with Clements but I absolutely want Lewis back. (

Barrows takes a look at the unrestricted free agents coming up. (

Would it have an effect on the division if Kurt Warner retired? I hope he does, Leinart is uh.. bad. Odd thought: would that make Alex Smith the uh.. best QB in the NFC West? It's not Bulger, and Hasselbeck was just... just terrible. (

Here's some random thoughts from Tuesday from the Chronicle. (

After the jump, Fooch has some more links for you...

Ninjames got the early links up, and I thought I'd mix in a whole host of random links below.  I'd recommend checking out the links at the bottom from our divisional rivals' blogs.  Some interesting posts across the division.

Frank Nunley: 10-Year Club (1967-76) (

Collective Bargaining Agreement Q&A (

Gore Named to NFC Pro Bowl Squad (

Key for 49ers: Having Cardinals' Warner retire (

49ers running back Gore added to Pro Bowl roster (SJ Mercury News)

Gore replaces Jackson on NFC Pro Bowl team (Maiocco)

49ers RB Gore into Pro Bowl as injury replacement (Yahoo! Sports)

New York Giants WR Steve Smith, San Francisco 49ers RB Gore added to Pro Bowl (

49ers Blog and Q&A: Frank Gore will play in the Pro Bowl (Barrows)

Honors fitting for Gore, Jackson (Sando -

Where NFC West can get younger (Sando -

Thoughts on Schneider's news conference (Sando -

Warner, retire? No way, Moon predicts (Sando -

Warner decision on the NFC West agenda (Sando -

Kurt Warner Says Football Isn't Fun Anymore (Revenge Of The Birds)

Bruuuuce in the mix for WR coaching job? (Turf Show Times)

Rams could have new owners by April (Turf Show Times)

A look at USC recruiting under PC and how it might apply to the Seahawks (Field Gulls)