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Mel Kiper's Mock Draft: 49ers picks

I've noticed some links to Mel Kiper's first mock draft of the Draft Season, and I figure it'd be useful to throw the picks up here for all to see and discuss.  It's Insider protected and doesn't get down to the 49ers, so this will be somewhat helpful for folks.

#13: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
Kiper: I consider the right tackle position a big need for the 49ers, and getting Williams here should strengthen them immediately both in the run game and as they look to further develop a potentially dangerous passing game with Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.

#16: Earl Thomas, S, Texas
Kiper: The 49ers need help in pass coverage, and Thomas fits because he's a great value here, whereas reaching for a CB at No. 16 wouldn't represent good value at all. Thomas isn't a huge guy but can cover a tremendous amount of real estate.

Mike Sando posted his own thoughts on the picks.  Taking a potential right tackle this high will certainly raise some eyebrows (as it does a bit with Sando), but given how big a need this is for the 49ers, I think that overcomes some of the doubts.