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San Francisco 49ers 2009 season: How would you rate it?

The title of this post probably could be considered a bit vague given all the factors and circumstances that surround the 49ers season in 2009. This was not a planned post until a few days ago. I was walking to a bus stop and passed a newspaper dispensing thing (for some reason I can't remember the word for the things where you can buy a variety of newspapers. My mind is feeling like jello right now).

The San Francisco Examiner is one of the papers in the stand and I check out the front page as I'm walking by every day. A couple days ago the cover was about the 49ers decision to raise ticket prices in 2010. What caught my attention was the front page headline, which mentioned something about the increasing price of "mediocrity." Part of this post is trying to define what exactly is "mediocre" and part of this is just a matter of figuring out how people rate the 49ers season that was.

We're going through the various positional units discussing the season that was and looking ahead to free agency. We've had approval ratings for the offensive and defensive coordinators. We've looked at Mike Singletary's game management abilities. Needless to say we're doing plenty of review of the 2009 season. Consider this poll as just a broad over-reaching rating. For example, if you think the defense was an 8 or 9, the offense was a 3 or 4, and the special teams was a 5 or 6, you wouldn't necessarily be splitting the difference with your vote. After all, it depends in part on what you value the most.

I realize it's a fairly vague poll, but consider it just my own curiosity of the pulse of the fans. And it's better than a straight yes/no poll. If I had to rate the season I'd probably give it a 6. I suppose an 8-8 season is worthy of a 5, give or take, and I decided to give. I like the direction of the team and I think they took a step forward in 2009. Maybe not as big a step as I would have liked, but a definite step. Of course, if you had huge expectations for 2009 maybe you give the team a 4 or 5 instead.

Whatever you do think, feel free to share your reasoning in the comments.