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Shrine Game Stock Report

The Shrine Game gets going tomorrow at lunch time, but practices have been rolling along all week.  While we don't have the proverbial "best of the best" in talent, the Shrine Game does bring some very solid talent.  Yesterday's practice was apparently rather light and not in full gear.  However, ESPN's scouts put together a "stock report" video looking at who's been impressive and who's struggled over the course of the week.

According to yesterday's practice report, OT Kevin Haslam (the Rutgers guy we spoke of earlier this week) struggled a bit with a rather average week of practice.  We'll keep an eye on him during the game, but it sounds like he'll need to raise his draft stock with a strong combine.

One other guy who's gotten solid press all week long is linebacker O'Brien Schofield out of Wisconsin.  He is making the transition from defensive end to linebacker, so would I be correct in guessing he's projected at OLB?  Given that, do we think the 49ers make any additions there?  If they're happy with Haralson, Lawson and Brooks I suppose they might add a rookie late in the draft to battle in camp, but I'm not so sure at this point.  Thoughts?