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Golden Nuggets: Hey, cool... a good hire!

Hey all, Ninjames here and what not. Thanks to Fooch for adding some more links in after the jump yesterday and making me look like an amateur. Real nice, Fooch, and in front of my readers? Great, so tonight I guess I have to put effort into it and stuff. Shouldn't be too hard, the new Motion City Soundtrack CD has put me in good enough spirits to get over the fact that I totally wasted a grip of money buying a computer accessory from Hong Kong.. never do it, kids. Anyway, my thrilling personal life aside, the 49ers up and hired themselves a new offensive line coach and I could not be more pleased. What a hire, this is an upgrade if I've ever witnessed one, but I will not forgive the Schottenheimer hire yet... just shutup about it for awhile, I suppose. Anyway, cool deal, here's some links.

Here's an explanation of why coach Singletary let Chris Foerster, the team's previous offensive line coach, sign with the Redskins. (

The choice on the 49ers offensive line coach hiring was Singletary's to make--he chose Mike Solari, which in my opinion is a great hire. (

Hey, at one point, the guy had Bobb McKittrick's backing. That's good enough for me. (

49ers are looking more and more like "KC West." Oh God. Oh God. Anything but that !! UPDATE: I love it when Barrows articles go to print they have a catchier title, just refreshed his blog and noticed it. Nice. "Chief coaching concern." Hah. (

If you didn't hear, the Steelers hired ex-49ers ST coordinator Al Everest. Hey, that sucks, we should have went after that guy. (

Here's some highlights from the Singletary/Solari interviews. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at some of the upcoming free agent wide receivers. I don't want any of them, to be honest. (

Seahawks fans are wishing Mike Solari well... I mean, to an extent. (

Pretty interesting stuff, our resident Cardinals blog took a look at the rest of the NFC West, including us. I suppose "have no huge needs to fill" is a compliment and well... You made me blush, Cardinals blog. Thank you for the compliment. (

So Isaac Bruce may be joining the Rams as their WR coach. I think that's an awesome position for the guy, honestly. I mean, a player like Avery scares me a little bit more now, but ya know. (