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East - West Shrine Game Thread

Editor's Note: Make sure and check out our LIVE MOCK DRAFT that began at noon.

For those not familiar with it, the East - West Shrine Game is a game that is played once all the regular season bowl games are finished. 1925 marked the first time in which the game took place. Since then, the game has been regarded as one of the most respected events in college athletics. The game features some of the best college athletes in the Nation as well as coaches. The game's main purpose though, is to help support Shriner's Hospitals for children. Many events take place before the game to help raise money for these hospitals which helps out significantly.

We wanted to make this thread for gameday discussion and review some of the players that have declared themselves eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft. Below, I will list the rosters and highlight some of the players to keep an eye on.




First Name Last Name Position School Hometown
Ali Villanueva Tight End Army Meridian, MS
Mike McLaughlin Inside Linebacker Boston College Woburn, MA
Freddie Barnes Wide Receiver Bowling Green State University Chicago, IL
Thomas Austin Offensive Guard  Clemson University  Clemson, SC
Chris  Chancellor Cornerback Clemson University  Miami, FL
Kavell Conner Outside Linebacker Clemson University  Richmond, VA
Patrick Simonds Wide Receiver Colgate University Sidney, NY
Van  Eskridge  Free Safety East Carolina University  Shelby, NC
John Skelton Quarterback Fordham University  El Paso, TX
Cord Howard Offensive Guard Georgia Tech Phenix City, AL
Rodger Saffold III Offensive Tackle Indiana University Bedford, OH
Rahim Alem Defensive End Louisiana State University  New Orleans, LA
Richard Dickson Fullback  Louisiana State University  Ocean Springs, MS
Blair White Wide Receiver Michigan State University Saginaw, MI
Chris McCoy Outside Linebacker Middle Tennessee State Villa Roca, MS
Jamar Chaney Inside Linebacker Mississippi State University Ft. Pierce, FL
Ross Pospisil Inside Linebacker Navy Temple, TX
Willie  Young  Defensive End  North Carolina State University Riviera Beach, FL
Mike Kafka Quarterback Northwestern University Oak Lawn, IL
Sherrick  McManis Cornerback Northwestern University Peoria, IL
Jim Cordle Center Ohio State University Lancaster, OH
Doug Worthington Defensive Tackle Ohio State University Athol Springs, NY
Jeremy Boone Punter Penn State University Mechanicsburg, PA
Daryll Clark Quarterback Penn State University Youngstown, OH
Andrew Quarless Tight End Penn State University Long Island, NY
Mike Neal Defensive Tackle Purdue University Merrillville, IN
Kevin Haslam Offensive Tackle Rutgers University Mahwah, NJ
Andre Anderson  Running Back  Tulane University  Stone Mountain, GA
Naaman Roosevelt Wide Receiver University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY
Justin Woodall Strong Safety University of Alabama Oxford, MS
Mitch Petrus Offensive Guard University of Arkansas Carlisle, AR
Torell Troup Defensive Tackle University of Central Florida Conyers, GA
Andre Dixon Running Back  University of Connecticut North Brunswick, NJ
Lindsey Witten Defensive End University of Connecticut Cleveland, OH
Kyle Calloway Offensive Tackle University of Iowa  Vail, AZ
Javarris James Running Back  University of Miami Immokalee, FL
A.J. Trump Center University of Miami Palm Harbor, FL
Greg Hardy Defensive End University of Mississippi Millington,TN
Joshua Shene Kicker University of Mississippi Oklahoma City, OK
Nate Byham Tight End University of Pittsburgh Franklin, PA
Aaron Berry Cornerback University of Pittsburgh Harrisburg, PA
Darian Stewart Strong Safety University of South Carolina Huntsville, AL
Kion Wilson Inside Linebacker University of South Florida Miami, FL
Chris Scott Offensive Tackle University of Tennessee Riverdale, GA
Barry  Church  Strong Safety University of Toledo Pittsburgh, PA
Nate Collins Defensive Tackle University of Virgina Port Chester, NY
Matt Morencie Center University of Windsor Windsor, ON
O'Brien Schofield Outside Linebacker University of Wisconsin Chicago, IL
Kam Chancellor Free Safety Virginia Tech Norfolk, VA
Sergio Render Offensive Guard Virginia Tech Newman, GA
Stephan Virgil Cornerback Virginia Tech Rocky Mount, NC
Chris DeGeare Offensive Guard Wake Forest University Kernersville, NC
Ben Staggs Offensive Tackle West Liberty University Wooster, OH
Alric  Arnett Wide Receiver West Virginia University Belle Glade, FL
Patrick Stoudamire Cornerback Western Illinois University Portland, OR



First Name Last Name Position School Hometown
Chris Thomas Safety  Air Force Academy Westerville, OH
Dexter Davis Outside Linebacker Arizona State University Phoenix, AZ
Dimitri  Nance Running Back Arizona State University Euless, TX
Joe Pawelek Inside Linebacker Baylor University San Antonio, TX
Max Hall Quarterback Brigham Young University Mesa, AZ
Jan Jorgensen Defensive End Brigham Young University Helper, UT
Dennis Pitta Tight End Brigham Young University Moorpark, CA
Klint Kubiak Safety  Colorado State University Houston,TX
Cole Pemberton Offensive Takle Colorado State University Highsland Ranch, CO
Shelley Smith Offensive Guard Colorado State University Phoenix, AZ
Matt Nichols Quarterback Eastern Washington University Cottonwood, CA
Nathan Overbay Tight End Eastern Washington University Chehalis, WA
Seyi Ajirotutu Wide Receiver Fresno State University El Dorado Hills, CA
Robert  Malone Punter Fresno State University Riverside, CA
Lonyae Miller Running Back Fresno State University Fontana, CA
Reggie Stephens Offensive Guard Iowa State University Dallas, TX
Jeffery  Fitzgerald Defensive End Kansas State University Richmond, VA
Keith Toston Running Back Oklahoma State University Angleton, TX
Keaton Kristick Outside Linebacker Oregon State University Fountain Hills, AZ
Emmanuel Sanders Wide Receiver Southern Methodist University Bellville, TX
Chris Marinelli Offensive Tackle Stanford University Braintree, MA
Ekom  Udofia Defensive Tackle Stanford University Phoenix, AZ
Michael  Shumard Offensive Guard Texas A& M University Fort Hood, TX
Marshall Newhouse Offensive Tackle Texas Christian University Dallas, TX
Brandon Carter Offensive Guard Texas Tech University Longview, TX
Jamar Wall Cornerback Texas Tech University Plaview, TX
Reggie Carter Inside Linebacker UCLA Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Moya Fullback UCLA El Dorado Hills, CA
Alterraun Verner Cornerback UCLA Carson, CA
Earl Mitchell Defensive Tackle University of Arizona Houston, TX
Devin Ross Cornerback University of Arizona Los Angeles, CA
Mike Tepper Offensive Tackle University of California Cypress, CA
Verran Tucker Wide Receiver University of California Lynwood, CA
Riar  Geer Tight End University of Colorado Grand Junction, CO
John  Estes Center University of Hawaii Stockton, CA
Kerry Meier Wide Receiver University of Kansas Pittsburg, KS
Todd Reesing Quarterback University of Kansas Austin, TX
Darrell Stuckey Strong Safety University of Kansas Kansas, KS
Jaron Baston Defensive Tackle University of Missouri Blue Springs, MO
James Ruffin Defensive End University of Northern Iowa Burnsville, MN
Brian Jackson Cornerback University of Oklahoma DeSoto, TX
TJ Ward Free Safety University of Oregon Antioch, CA
Jordan Sisco Wide Receiver University of Regina Regina, SK
Hunter Lawrence Kicker University of Texas Boerne, TX
David Reed Wide Receiver University of Utah New Britain, CT
Robert  Johnson Safety  University of Utah Los Angeles, CA
Stevenson Sylvester Outside Linebacker University of Utah Las Vegas, NV
Daniel  Te'o Nesheim Defensive Tackle University of Washington Waikoloa, HI
Jason Beauchamp Outside Linebacker UNLV San Diego, CA
Martin Tevaseu Defensive Tackle UNLV Boonville, CA
Kenny Alfred  Center Washington State University  Gig Harbor, WA


The game will feature alot of good match-ups and should provide for some exciting moments. Typically in these games there will be a few players that really make a name for themselves. In any case, I hope you all enjoy the game. We will have a gameday thread for the Senior Bowl next week as well.


85th East-West Shrine Game
When: Saturday, Jan. 23, 3 p.m. Kickoff
Where: Florida Citrus Bowl
  1610 W. Church Street
  Orlando, FL 32805