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Golden Nuggets: Oh yeah, Tebow!

Moooorning, guys. I'm going to go ahead and start off by clarifying my stance on the hiring of Kurt Schottenheimer. Yesterday after posting the Nuggets I got a text message from somebody on here pretty much saying that I've been too hard on him. I don't think Schottenheimer will be bad, I don't think the special teams will be worse than were last year... I just think that he is a downgrade over Al Everest, who was having a bad season. I'm not going to stress over it or have an extensively negative outlook on the season or anything, I just don't think it was the best move, is all. I hope he does great. Still, the offensive line coach hiring was a great one, and I'm more than happy for it, providing he still knows what he's doing. I wanted Foerster gone all of last year.

How about a good 'ol quarterback discussion? Speculation on Michael Vick and Tim Tebow.. wow! What a great couple of QBs, right? Right? Yeah, no. Also, I gotta laugh at you if you read my title and thought I actually might be serious. Tebow is trash and Vick isn't worth the trade the 49ers will have to make. Alex Smith is the best QB in the NFC West, currently. Unbelievable. (

Here's more on our new offensive line coach, Mike Solari. (

The team signed G Brian de la Puente to a future contract.  I hope he's awesome, so I can call him de la Muerte.  (

Pretty cool, former 49er Bryant Young hired at San Jose State. (

Apparently the 49ers stadium supporters are rallying or something to that effect today. Cool deal. (

The 49ers could definitely use a multi-threat guy.. Someone who is great at returns and serviceable on offense or defense. Multidimensional. (

Snap Judgements with Brian Jennings (best player on the team, imo) takes a look at the conference championships. (

All eyes on on the offensive lineman in the Shrine practices. Good.. (

Solari's task is likely to get a rookie offensive lineman ready to start next season. (

A look at the upcoming free agent tight ends, I cant see the 49ers pursuing any of these guys. (

The Seahawks will also be looking for an offensive lineman in the draft, hope we get the better one. (