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Golden Nuggets: Not much today..

Morning everyone, James here and I'm veeeeery tired. No, seriously I'm finding it difficult to keep my eyes open right now. I suppose you didn't click over here to read about my sleeping issues. Looking over the links, there really isn't anything to note today, only a couple links. Today we've got the conference championships, Should be very good, no? I'll just get to the couple of links I have for you so I can crash.

The Santa Clara stadium plans could be facing a snag--the NFL doesn't seem all too on board. I don't ever weigh in about the stadium plans, really, but I will say I will absolutely refuse to ever go to a 49er game again if they play in Oakland. They'll lose at least one season ticket holder. (

The defense shined in the Shrine game yesterday. (

Check out the latest 49ers Fancast. (49ersFancast)