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Niners Nation Apparel

Since this site first got going, I've wanted to put together some kind of Niners Nation apparel.  There are numerous websites that provide opportunities to create merchandise, but SBN has finally stepped up and provided a specific option.  Hogs Haven, our Redskins blog, was one of the test markets for this site and they've had nothing but success (See their merchandise store here).  Apparently, once we come up with a design, they can have it up for sale on the same day.  They can work with us on colors, text, images, and so forth.  The merchandise won't be cheap, but I think they'll be worth it in the end.  T-shirt prices will likely range from $14-$17 or so, while sweatshirts and hoodies would obviously a bit more.  The Hogs Haven example has some price points.

All we need to do now is come up with potential designs.  We've got some incredibly creative people in this community, so I wanted to open the floor for ideas.  The only thing we can't use is team names.  So if we came up with some kind of anti-Cowboys shirt, it'd have to be about "Dallas" and not "Cowboys."

I don't want to create two too many different designs at this point, but I'm thinking maybe 2 site specific shirts, and then 2 others that are a bit more player-specific (or some other theme specific).  So, if we were talking player-specific, one brief idea I had (assuming they can make this kind of thing work) was a shadow of a punter with some kind of comment like Andy Lee for MVP, or something extolling the greatness of Andy Lee.  And of course, we could also come up with a Patrick Willis tshirt.  Maybe something featuring one of our "Patrick Willis Facts."

As for the site specific shirt, one fairly basic idea is something like: Niners Nation -- Where 49ers football never rests.  Or something along those lines.  I know there are better ideas out there, so let's hear them.  And if you've got ideas for potential images to include on the shirt (some kind of graphic design), let's hear those ideas as well.  We're going with only a few ideas for now, but that doesn't mean we won't add more down the road.