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Niners Nation Community Mock Final Grades

We just wanted to take some time once again to thank all those who participated in the Community Mock Draft (First 2 Rounds) that was held Saturday, January 23rd, 2010. So again, thanks for all the patience, time, and effort you all put in.

The other thing that we wanted to do is break down the draft and grade each teams 1st and 2nd round selections. This will be done similar to how you would receive grades through school (A - F). A = Excellent Pick, B = Very Good Pick, C = Average Pick, D = Below Average Pick, and F = Fail. Each pick will have a number that is attached to it; for A's = 4 Points, B's = 3 Points, C's = 2 Points, D's = 1 Point, F's = 0 Points, and Incomplete's = No Grade, No Number. The points will then be counted and divided for an average to provide a final grade. Since I had to make some of the selections for certain people in the first round, I will give those specific selections an "Incomplete" since those particular folks could not or did not make it.

The original estimated time that was calculated out for this was 5 Hours and 33 Minutes. However, we completed this in 4 Hours and 46 Minutes; 47 minutes ahead of schedule. Since this process went without a hiccup for the most part, it will likely happen again toward the end of the offseason.

For the sake of cutting down on the time it will take to gather everyone's comments, I felt it would be much easier to just add an explanation of the grade instead. I really wanted to bring comments from you all in to this recap, but with 2,191 comments between the 5 different threads, it's just much more practical to do it this way.

After the Jump, we'll dive in to the grades by team. Once again, thank you all for your effort in this. Wouldn't have been fun without you.

1. St. Louis Rams (chikmagnet_565)

Pick 1 -- Ndamukong Suh [DT] (Nebraska) Grade = A

I think that Suh is hands down the best player entering the draft and should the Rams go here, the Niners will unfortunately have to face him twice a year. If the Rams don't go with Suh, I think it will be a shock to the football following world.

Pick 33 -- Sean Weatherspoon [OLB] (Missouri) Grade = A

I really expect that if the Rams don't get a Quarterback in free agency, that one will be taken with this pick. This is speculation on my part that chikmagnet_565 took this in to account when making this pick and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. However, this grade is subject to change contingent on that speculation being wrong. Weatherspoon and Suh together will give the Rams one of the better front seven's in the NFC.


2. Detroit Lions (thewhizkid)

Pick 2 -- Gerald McCoy [DT] (Oklahoma) Grade = A

The Lions desperately need to shore up that defensive line and if Suh had not been in this draft, McCoy would have been the best Defensive Tackle in the draft this year. Smart pick, high value.

Pick 34 -- Everson Griffen [DE] (USC) Grade = B

With what was said above, I cannot say that this is a bad pick and it is in fact a very smart pick. It gives the Lions and instant pass rusher and when you select two of the best defensive linemen in the draft in the first two rounds, that can be nothing but a good thing. However, I believe that the Lions offense is possibly a few picks from being very very respectable with Matt Stafford at the helm.


3. Tampa Bay Bucs (1st Round- Drew K {sub-pick}, 2nd Round ItBurnzWhenIP)

Pick 3 -- Russell Okung [OT] (Oklahoma State) Grade = Incomplete

With Freeman needing some help to protect him on that offensive line, selecting the best Left Tackle in the draft this offseason will mos likely do that for Freeman's blind side. This will give the young quarterback a bit more confidence in not having to worry and scamper as often. Okung should help out a bunch in the run game as well.

Pick 35 -- Jason Pierre-Paul [DE] (South Florida) Grade = A

This is a great pick for the Bucs. They had virtually nobody on the defensive line that put any type of pressure on opposing Quarterbacks. They finished 5th to last in sacks, so JPP should give them a pass rusher that is much needed.

Pick 44 -- Jonathan Dwyer [RB] (Georgia Tech) Grade = A

The Bucs haven't had a consistent rusher in a long time. With Cadillac Williams pretty much hurt his entire career, and Dwyer still being on the board, this would seem like a no-brainer selection for the Bucs. If Williams can stay relatively healthy, then the Bucs will be set up to run the ball as well as a team like the Pittsburgh  Steelers with two solid backs.


4. Washington Redskins (Drew K {sub-pick}, MadBum)

Pick 4 -- Jimmy Clausen [QB] (Notre Dame) Grade = Incomplete

With Shanahan basically in control of everything, I believe that he will want his own "franchise QB". Not so sure that Campbell would be the long-term answer there. I honestly believe that this pick has to go either Clausen or Bradford. If Bradford can do well and show that he is unphased by his injuries at the combine, then he may very well creep ahead of Clausen at this pick.

Pick 37 -- Brandon Graham [DE] (Michigan) Grade = A

With Phillip Daniels more than likely out, this pick makes a ton of sense. The Redskins had a mediocre pass rush at best. Graham will bring several elements in helping build a strong defensive front for years to come.


5. Kansas City Chiefs (De Stijl, Drew K {sub-pick})

Pick 5 -- Anthony Davis [OT] (Rutgers) Grade = C

While I do agree that the Chiefs need to get some help on the offensive line, I think that this can be done in round two being that they have two picks there. Davis is not projected to go as high as the number five overall pick but I guess stranger things have happened. I am also not sure that Davis would be better than Campbell or Bulaga as the second overall offensive tackle. To pass up best player available for Davis would be a reach.

Pick 36 -- Patrick Robinson [CB] (Florida State) Grade = B

I think that this is a good pick and I think that Robinson will be very good at the next level, however, I am not so sure that this would be a top concern for the Chiefs. They do need help in their secondary but I believe that they can get this done with the number five pick.

Pick 44 -- Javier Arenas [CB] (Alabama) Grade = Incomplete ...Unofficial F

I have to admit that when I picked here I had a bunch of other things going on. I basically whiffed on looking at the previous picks before I made mine. Arenas could help in the return game but I'm not sold that he would be a very good corner at the NFL level. He reminds me a lot of a young Allen Rossum.


6. Seattle Seahawks (Drew K {sub-pick}, John Morgan)

Pick 6 -- Eric Berry [S] (Tennessee) Grade = Incomplete

Berry is one of the premier players entering the draft in 2010. This pick would be a steal at six for the Hawks. This is one player that I would not want Alex Smith to have to account for twice a year.

Pick 14 -- Sam Bradford [QB] (Oklahoma) Grade = A

This is a great pick up for the Hawks as Hasselbeck has had some issues with nagging injuries. Unfortunately Quarterbacks don't age like wine in most cases and Hasselbeck is nearing the end of the road. It's time for them to get a quarterback for the future and Bradford is a steal at fourteen.

Pick 40 -- Selvish Capers [OT] (West Virginia) Grade = C

While I agree with the pick on the position, I would have to disagree with the player selected here. I believe that Capers' stock throughout the course of this year dropped quite a bit. Not to mention I could probably think of a couple of better picks here at the position. While it's a good pick, it's certainly not a "great" pick either which I think warrants the grade.


7. Cleveland Browns (Drew K {sub-pick}, Ramah71)

Pick 7 -- Joe Haden [CB] (Florida) Grade = Incomplete

The Browns secondary needs some patch work. Haden is the best corner coming out this year in a not so strong cornerback class this year. Haden has potential to be good but it will be up to him in how hard he works at the next level.

Pick 38 -- Golden Tate [WR] (Notre Dame) Grade = A

With the Browns needing help everywhere and most likely needing to shore up the defensive and offensive lines, this would be a very strategic move in that Tate provides a very good target in the pass game. Tate has the ability to return kicks and punts also and since Cribbs has expressed he does not want to play for the Browns, this pick here has a ton of weight in value.


8. Oakland Raiders (Poundtherock, Drew K {sub-pick})

Pick 8 -- Derrick Morgan [DE] (Georgia Tech) Grade = A

Where do you start with the Raiders? They have a lot of team needs and this happens to be one of them. Seymour may not stay in Oakland but even if he does, they will need an elite defensive end to keep that defensive line anchored. Morgan would be a good fit in what the Raiders like to do on defense.

Pick 39 -- Tim Tebow [QB] (Florida) Grade = Incomplete

Let's face it, Jamarcus Russell is not the future for Oakland. Everytime he steps on to the field, the boo's rumble the Collesium better than would an earthquake. The responses from fans for Tebow, if selected here, may be the same thing initially but if he wants to have a chance to "prove" his potential there'll be no better place to do it than Oakland. It will make him or break him.


9. Buffalo Bills (foosball4949, Ramah71)

Pick 9 -- Bruce Campbell [OT] (Maryland) Grade = B

While the main area of concern would probably have to be Quarterback with this pick, their offensive line isn't much better. There have only been three quarterbacks in the last... oh... fifty years or so selected in the first round in the history of that franchise in Jim Kelly, Doug Flutie, and J.P. Losman. Being that the last one of the three mentioned there left a bad taste with the Bills, it's very logical that they would not go with a quarterback in the first.

Pick 41 -- Greg Hardy [DE] (Ole Miss) Grade = A

I really like this pick here. It seems like it has been forever since the Bills have had an elite pass rusher off of the defensive line. The last name that comes to mind is Bruce Smith. While I am not so sure Hardy is the next "Bruce Smith", I believe that there is tremendous upside in Hardy and love what he brings to the table.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars (MadBum)

Pick 10 -- Dez Bryant [WR] (Oklahoma State) Grade = C

I do believe that wide receiver is an issue for the Jags, however, I would not say that it is their number one need. With the Jags not having another pick until the third round and their defense struggling so much this year, I would have guessed that they would have gone defense here. There will be plenty of wide receivers left in rounds three through seven.


11. Denver Broncos (ChesapeakeBay9er)

Pick 10 -- Rolando McClain [LB] (Alabama) Grade = A

I have suspected all along that the Broncos would be targeting McClain since Davis was getting up there in age. I mainly speculated that Nolan would really be wanting to go after McClain and he still may... only with the Dolphins now. If McDaniels manages to run Marshall out of town as he has everyone else, I think that the Broncos could go with a wide receiver here. It's very hard to predict now but I think overall, this is a solid pick here.

Pick 45 -- Jordan Shipley [WR] (Texas) Grade = C

Personally I think this is a bit high for Shipley. While he has a lot of upside, I think he also has his limits. Shipley in my mind has always been a third round or later type of guy. This pick is not favorable nor is it bad which I think warrants the grade here.


12. Miami Dolphins (mat.esty)

Pick 12 -- Brandon LaFell [WR] (LSU) Grade = C

I can't hate this pick but I certainly can't approve of it. The Dolphins are going to need a lot of help on defense if they want to be a contender. Specifically I would think that they would do with someone in their front seven who can make and immediate impact. While there is no clear-cut number one wide receivers on the team, unless Dez Bryant was there, I have trouble seeing them take Lafell with their overall number one pick. I see Lafell as a late to early second rounder.

Pick 43 -- Ricky Sapp [DE] (Clemson) Grade = C

Since I am not sure that Taylor will be gone yet next year, it's hard for me to see this as a solid pick. If Porter and Taylor are back, that will leave very little playing time for Sapp who will be playing OLB when he has played defensive end the entire year for Clemson. I would think that the Dolphins go with an inside linebacker with at least one of their two picks.


13. San Francisco 49ers (smileyman)

Pick 13 -- C.J. Spiller [RB] (Clemson) Grade = A

Spiller gives this team everything they need in one pick. I have said it over and over but I'll echo it here again. Spiller has what it takes to be an every down back. With Gore heading closer to the typical descent a running back tends to take in the NFL, and all the nagging injuries, Spiller is just the type of player the Niners need to have to secure the furture. Spiller is explosive from anywhere on the field and with how abysmal the offense was last year, Spiller's the best player on the board here. He is a great return man as well. Excellent value pick.

Pick 17 -- Bryan Bulaga [OT] (Iowa) Grade = A

Another great first round pick up. If Bulaga could learn the right tackle position fairly quick, then he will be a huge upgrade over Adam Snyder who struggled a majority of the year. It will take time for Bulaga to adjust to the speed of the NFL but overall in the long run, I feel he will be a solid Tackle for years to come.

Pick 49 -- Jon Asamoah [OG] (Illinois) Grade = A

High value pick here and should give David Baas a fight for the starting position. If Baas leaves, the Niners will need to have a replacement lined up. Asamoah has received alot of praise and has tremendous upside. This addresses a very big area of concern last season.


14. New York Giants (Price14rays)

Pick 15 -- Earl Thomas [S] (Texas) Grade = A

There are some doubts in Thomas' ability to step in and defend the run but his coverage skills are fairl good. He will be a good fit in New York because he will be able to hang back and coverage and let his front seven go to work. The Giants need to beef up that defense if they want to get back in to contention.

Pick 46 -- Arthur Jones [DT] (Syracuse) Grade = B

I think that the Giants could have gone with an inside linebacker to be the center piece of that defense. Initially Jones may not be that much of a force and he's missed time because of injuries though his collegiate career. While I like the strategy of him maybe being able free up the defensive ends that are currently there, I just think that linebacker would be a higher area of need to address.


15. Tennessee Titans (muskateer54)

Pick 17 -- Brian Price [DT] (UCLA) Grade = B

I can't really argue with this pick because it's pretty good but I am not sure it is the "best" pick for the Titans at this slot in the draft. Since the Titans do not have a second rounder, I think that value has to be high on the priority list there.


16. Pittsburgh Steelers (Drew K {sub-pick}, ChesapeakeBay9er)

Pick 18 -- Dan Williams [NT] (Tennessee) Grade = Incomplete

Williams will be the center piece to that front seven and will push around offensive lines giving his guys a clear path to ball carriers and quarterbacks. Hampton's no spring chicken and will need a replacement.

Pick 52 -- Donovan Warren [CB] (Michigan) Grade = A

With not a ton of places that the Steelers could go, this certainly is a wise pick here. The Steelers secondary was very streaky and this pick could start out as a nickel package corner and maybe working his way up from there. Warren is one of the larger corners that is ranked high and he will eventually help out in a lot of different ways in my opinion.


17. Atlanta Falcons (chriscream)

Pick 19 -- Carlos Dunlap [DE] (Florida) Grade = A

The Falcons could use a guy like Dunlap in their pass rushing schemes. There isn't a whole lot more to say other than this pick will be of good value if Dunlap can keep his nose clean and stay focused. I am not sure that Dunlap would be a guy that the Falcons would target but you never know. The talent seems to fit the slot with the 19th pick.


18. Houston Texans (YoungWillis)

Pick 20 -- Taylor Mays [S] (USC) Grade = A

With this pick in the draft, Mays will fit well with what the Texans like to do on defense. They have a lot of hard hitters on that defense and teams will dread playing against that defense. Fortunately for Mays, they have one of the better coaching staffs in the league. This should help Mays reach that "elite" status much easier than if he was to go somewhere else.

Pick 50 -- Jahvid Best [RB] (California) Grade = B

Even though I gave an A grade here, it's mostly for position drafted. The Texans had some troubles at the running back position last year. Best has some concerns with concussions and because of those concerns could end up falling even further than this pick here.


19. New England Patriots (rlott#42)

Pick 21 -- Sergio Kindle [DE/ OLB] (Texas) Grade = A

Kindle will add an instant pass rusher and a force to be reckoned with. I can honestly see the Patriots not flinching if they have the option to pull the trigger on Kindle here. The one man wrecking crew is just the type of player that Belichick loves to coach.

Pick 42 -- Erick Norwood [OLB] (South Carolina) Grade = C

In trying to build behind the guys that are currently there, I can see the strategy here. However, I am not so sure that the Pats would go with two outside linebackers in a row. Norwood has the potential to be a really good outside linebacker but with all these picks, one would have to think New England need to get some offensive line help at some point. I don't totally disagree nor do I totally agree with this pick which warrants the grade.

Pick 47 -- Jared Odrick [DT] (Penn State] Grade = D

I don't see how Odrick fits in with Patriots. Since he is a defensive tackle I am not sure how he will make it as a nose tackle or move over to a position that he's never played in defensive end. Not to mention that the defensive ends for the Pats are fairly decent. I have a hard time seeing that Odrick would be a good fit with the Patriots. He will most likely go to a team that runs a 4-3 defense.

Pick 53 -- Toby Gerhart [RB] (Stanford) Grade = A

To obtain the services of the runner up to the Heisman Trophy Winner this year would be a very nice selection for the Patriots with the last of their many picks in the second round. There is speculation as to whether Gerhart will be a true running back, a short yardage running back, or a fullback. Many people think that he will be used similar to how Mike Alstott was used in Tampa Bay.


20. Green Bay Packers (HaloFanInDC)

Pick 22 -- Charles Brown [OT] (USC) Grade = A

The Packers need help on that offensive line in a major way. While Williams may have been the more popular pick here, I think that Brown will be a steal at 20. He very well could be the most under rated tackle entering the draf this year.

Pick 56 -- Chad Jones [S] (LSU) Grade = C

I think that Jones is a bit of a reach in the 2nd round here. I can think of a couple other safeties that should have gone at this slot. The Packers do need a bit of a boost in their secondary but I think a lot of people forget that the Packers have a couple of all-stars back there that were hurt. I may have waited to get a safety and used this pick on maybe another offensive lineman or possibly defensive line if it was me picking here.


21. Cincinnati Bengals (Ramah71)

Pick 23 -- Jermaine Gresham [TE] (Oklahoma) Grade = A

I can easily see the Bengals going with a pick like this. Ochocinco had trouble being the main guy in Cincinnati. Gresham is the most well-rounded tight end coming out in the draft this year bar-none. This will make opposing defenses have to respect the middle of the field and open things up on the outside for the wide receivers.

Pick 54 -- Syd'Quan Thompson [CB] (California) Grade = A

This is a high value pick for the Bengals here. Thompson will be two dimensional in possibly earning a starting spot at corner as well as possibly doing returns. His cover skills should help shore up that secondary a bit. They could definitely us it.


 22. Philadelphia Eagles (supraman)

Pick 24 -- Navorro Bowman [LB] (Penn State) Grade = A

The Eagles need help primarily in their secondary and in their linebacking crew. If you ask the Eagle fans though, they're never happy with any pick. Bowman will be a great replacement for aging Jeremiah Trotter. He has a natural ability to fly to the ball. Excellent pick for the Eagles here.

Pick 55 -- Jermaine Cunningham [DE] (Florida) Grade = C

Like I mentioned above, the Eagles are in dire need of secondary help. Primarily at the free safety position. Jones and Mikell have had their issues back there. Cunningham is not a bad pick though because Parker is getting up there in age, just not an extreme need at defensive end next year to use up a 2nd round pick on.


23. Baltimore Ravens (manraj7)

Pick 25 -- Arrelious Benn [WR] (Illinois) Grade = A

Definitely a position of need. Flacco is going to need more wide receivers to target come next season. Mason is up there in age and is also a free agent next year. Excellent pick here and high value. Benn is big and physical, something in which the Ravens lack.

Pick 57 -- Dominique Franks [CB] (Oklahoma) Grade = D

While I am a Sooners fan, this pick here doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Franks will go in the way later rounds and has a lot of work to do if he wants to be a decent corner at the NFL level. This could compete with the biggest reach for the second round potentially. I agree with the position need, but the player here is off the mark a bit.


24. Arizona Cardinals (Drew K {sub-pick}, smileyman)

Pick 26 -- Jerry Hughes [DE/ OLB] (TCU) Grade = Incomplete

Hughes will give the Cardinals a speed rusher, something they currently don't have on that defense. I made this pick before Bertrand Berry announced his retirement however. The pick should be changed now to a defensive tackle to replace Berry who was a huge asset to the Cards.

Pick 58 -- Mardy Gilyard [WR] (Cincinnati) Grade = C

I believe that wide receiver is not a big enough need to spend a second round pick on one. I think that even if Boldin is gone, the Cards have shown that they can win without him. They already have Breaston on the roster and their return game is pretty solid for the most part. If it were me picking here, I may have gone with a quarterback or something on defense. They have a stockpile of receivers on that roster.


25. Dallas Cowboys (hudd07)

Pick 27 -- Brandon Spikes [ILB] (Florida) Grade = C

I too thought originally that the Cowboys needed another linebacker but after talking with a few fans, doing some research, and watching their linebacking corp more closely in the playoffs, I came to the same conclusion as their fans. Linebackers just aren't a huge need. I do believe that Spikes will be a very talented linebacker a the next level though, so I can't completely hate the pick. They need help in the secondary severely. Probably another wide receiver to replace Roy Williams as well.

Pick 59 -- Jason Fox [OT] (Miami) Grade = A

Excellent pick here and taking care of a pretty big need. I think that the Cowboys would be very pleased to land Fox this late in the 2nd round. The Cowboys have always prided themselves with a very solid offensive line. Fox is one of the more well-rounded tackles entering the NFL.


26. San Diego Chargers (Drew K {sub-pick}, Ramah71)

Pick 28 -- Damian Williams [WR] (USC) Grade = Incomplete

Rivers needs another target and someone who will help free up Jackson and Gates a bit more. There has been a lot of speculation that Ladanian Tomlinson will be packing his bags before next season and in turn would demand them drafting a running back. However, with a wide receiver like Williams still available, and the Chargers passing alot more these days, it seems like a good fit.

Pick 60 -- Reshad Jones [S] (Ramah71) Grade = A

Jones will most likely be a second or third round pick. If he makes it in to the third round, he'll be an absolute steal for whoever picks him there. The Chargers had some concerns in the secondary mainly at the safety positions. Jones could be the ball-hawking, hard-hitting safety that the Cargers need to give their defense some leverage in the pass rush a bit more.


27. New York Jets (49er4life)

Pick 29 -- Mike Iupati [OG] (Idaho) Grade = B

I think that the Jets have one of the better offensive lines in the NFL. They are one of the few that can force the run and be still be successful when teams are stacking the box. I think that just because Iupati is such a great lineman that I can't give this pick any lower than what I did. Had it been another player, I would have had good reason to.

Pick 61 -- Jeremy Williams [WR] (Tulane) Grade = D

This is very very high for Williams here. He is projected more along the lines of a fourth to fifth round type of guy. While they do need a bit of help at the wide receiver position and Braylon Edwards possibly on the way out in to free agency, the player here just doesn't make a ton of sense to me. This would have been an F for me if I didn't take in to consideration of the position.


28. Minnesota Vikings (Drew K)

Pick 30 -- Morgan Burnett [S] (Georgia Tech) Grade = N/A

Burnett will be an instant contributor in a defensive backfield that has been about mediocre all season. They really benefited from having one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL. Burnett will be the playmaker back there that the Vikings will need to have more success on defense.

Pick 62 -- Tony Pike [QB] (Cincinnati) Grade = N/A

It is undecided whether or not Brett Favre will return to the Vikings next season. Either way, another uncertain is who will take over for Favre when he's gone for good. Pike would be a good guy to have sit for a year and learn behind a vet. His accuracy is among the best in college football and he has the best touch of any of the quarterbacks entering the league next year. Pike seems like he would be a good fit in Minnesota.


29. New Orleans Saints (Andrew9er)

Pick 31 -- Terrence Cody [NT/DT] (Alabama) Grade = B

Cody will probably fit in the best in a 3-4 defense more than he would a 4-3. However, it isn't entirely impossible for Cody to be selected as a defensive tackle in a 4-3. There have been players like William Perry in the past that have worked well in 4-3's although the Bears in the 80's ran more of a 4-6. In any case, with the limit on plays, Cody will be a force to be reckoned with.

Pick 63 -- Mike Johnson [OG] (Alabama) Grade = A

I didn't feel that Mike Johnson would fall this far in to the second round so I consider this to be a steal here. Johnson will be an instant starter most likely and will upgrade the already good Saints offensive line.


30. Indianapolis Colts (TheAngelsColts)

Pick 32 -- Trent Williams [OT] (Oklahoma) Grade = A

With the offensive line always being solid for pretty much as long as Manning has been the quarterback, the Colts will need to upgrade some of the guys who are getting a bit washed up. If Manning's career is to be extended as long as Favre was, it'll be very important to get some fresh blood in there soon.

Pick 64 -- Vladimir Ducasse [OT/OG] (UMass) Grade = A

The same as above, the Colts will need to get some new guys in there to take over for the guys that are getting a bit older or aren't cutting it anymore. Two very good picks for how late they are in each round.


31. Carolina Panthers (thewhizkid)

Pick 48 -- Lamarr Houston [DT] (Texas) Grade = C

I can neither agree or disagree with this pick. Houston has the opportunity to be a good player at the next level and he could potentially free up some of the defensive ends to create more pressure. If they don't get a quarterback in free agency, I have to think that they will go after one with this pick.



All and all this was a fairly decent mock considering that there were several people involved. There were some good picks and there were a few that were questionable, but overall, as you can see by the grading, most people did pretty good. Consider yourselves hired as the new VP's of player personnel for your respective teams. Good job to all, and those who participated will have first dibs on getting in on future drafts.