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Golden Nuggets: Broken laptop... awesome.

Good morning everyone. Sorry that I'm getting these Nuggets up late.. I had them mostly done, and the keyboard on my laptop went out. How awesome is that? The entire keyboard, so I had to boot up the family's desktop and man it feels weird. I'm starting these about five minutes before they're supposed to be posted, so forgive me if you don't see this post until it's 3:30 or so. As far as 49ers news there's really nothing new to note, but there is a few articles for you today, more so than two days ago when there was only two and yesterday when there was only... one. Sorry about not getting them up yesterday, first my guy in tennis got knocked out of the Aussie Open but then I was just too tired, there wasn't anything, regardless. Anyway, here's the links I've got for you, enjoy.

Barrows takes a look at the the players in the senior bowl. (

More looks at the senior bowl and a bit about the recent NFC championship game. (

Are the 49ers ready to rise to the NFL's elite? I don't quite think so but I think they're on the right track. I guess I've said that too many times, though... (

Awesome! The NFL scraps their plan for a second game to be held in the UK next season. One is already too many. (

This was an interest story I was actually intrigued by. I mean, not to say I'm a heartless [site decorum] or anything but if you get the chance go check this out, and maybe even donate a buck or two. (

Barrows looks at some of the upcoming free agent defensive ends and linebackers. (

Gold Rush auditions.. March.. things I don't care about... etc. (

Former 49ers punter Tom Wittum passed recently. (

An offensive line article... I seem to remember these last offseason, too, you know... when the 49ers didn't get any. (

Here's some reasons for the 49ers to get their hopes up. (

Always a good read, Sando answers some questions from his mailbag. (

A look at the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback situation. (

Hey um.. no. No, don't do that. No Brandon Marshall to a division rival, I hate dealing with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin already. (