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Further 49ers NFL draft musings by Mel Kiper, Jr.

In his first mock draft last week, ESPN's Mel Kiper projected the 49ers to draft OT Trent Williams and S Earl Thomas.  The two picks fill some needs and while there are questions on the players, they certainly would be intriguing options.

This week, Mel Kiper followed up his mock draft with a look at subsequent potential picks based on the initial mock.

Top needs: RT, G, DE, S, CB
First round (13, 16): Trent Williams, Earl Thomas
Second-round options (49): G Mike Iupati, DE Corey Wooton, S Morgan Burnett, CB Kyle Wilson
Third-round options (79): G Jon Asamoah, CB Syd'Quan Thompson, S Major Wright, DE Hall Davis, DE D.J. Wilson, OLB Rico McCoy
Summary: Some people will consider taking a RT at No. 13 a bit of a leap in terms of value, but Williams is an outstanding player that can strengthen you immediately. If the 49ers go with a guard, Iupati is a fantastic one, and the offensive line gets a lot better overnight. Thomas, as I said in the mock, covers a ton of ground and can help immediately. From there the Niners could try to get good value elsewhere in the secondary or look for a DE or even a pass-rushing OLB. I can also see San Francisco taking a later-rounds shot on a QB, but this team needs to focus on more glaring needs early on.

Certainly some interesting players mixed in there.  And given that there are some talented guards out there, it seems like the team would be inclined to go in that direction in either the second or third round, as we saw in our community mock draft.  Based on what Kiper went with in round 1, do you see the team going in another direction in rounds 2 and 3?  Or are you so turned off by his first 2 picks that you think it's all ridiculous?