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Golden Nuggets: Move it baaack.

Heeeey everyone, getting things up on time tonight, so I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for that one. As far as 49ers news goes, there's not a whole lot to go by as you can expect. 49ers DE Justin Smith is going to the pro bowl, which is really cool because he had a great season--Aubrayo Franklin should be going instead, though. I mean, that's at least how I feel about it. The pro bowl is a joke now, though. I mean, it wasn't the pinnacle of showing off the leagues best players but for the most part people like Vince Young didn't get in unless they really deserved it--he didn't. Nobody wants to play in it because they don't get a trip to Hawaii. Move it back, NFL. This experiment failed. Anyway, here's your links.

Yep, Justin Smith was added to the pro bowl after another Vikings player backed out of it. (

Seahawks guard Rob Sims voted for him after saying that Smith was the guy who gave him the most trouble. Cool deal. (

Aw crap, seems the tickets for the 49ers-Broncos game in London will be going on sale very soon. (

Is Dexter McCluster this year's Percy Harvin? I didn't really read this one.. just saying. (

So uh... who had the best sack last year? Yeah, I said it. Big deal, wanna fight about it? (

Jed York talks about Oakland and London. I have no interest whatsoever in what he has to say about Oakland, if he actually thinks it's a viable plan B then I give up on him as an "Eddie D" type and will deem him a "John York" type. (

Justin Smith was definitely a worthy pro bowl choice. (