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Afternoon open thread: Ray Brown hired, stadium proposal on the ballot

We've got plenty of interesting posts up today, but I thought I'd open up one more thread for some specific discussion.  As some of you may have seen, former 49ers offensive lineman Ray Brown was hired today to be the assistant offensive line coach.  Brown spent six years with the 49ers from 1996-2001 and went to the Pro Bowl in 2001 as a guard.  He worked with Bobb McKittrick, who also worked with current OL coach Mike Solari.  Brown was an assistant OL coach with the Bills before their staff was released this year.  I haven't read much about Brown as an assistant, but he obviously brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

The other point I wanted to mention was that after what seemed like endless discussion, the Santa Clara city council agreed to put the 49ers stadium measure on the June ballot (June 8 I believe).  There had been some opposition that would have preferred to see it on the November ballot, but the supporters won the day.  Whether you're for or against this measure, at least we'll have an answer about the 49ers stadium sooner rather than later.  We'll have much more on this as election day approaches.