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Golden Nuggets: Missed a good joke..

So if you're going to ask me what the title is about, I totally meant to say something yesterday in the links that I was happy with and left it out due to sleep deprivation. Rest assured I will be making all of you laugh today.. and if not then you have no soul or sense of humor (or a sense for terrible musicians, read after the jump--you'll get it). Anyway, as far as 49ers linkage is concerned I should have a decent amount today, though I haven't the foggiest idea what they're all about as I just noticed there was quite a few things buzzing in my RSS feed which I've had to crudely reconstruct after the death of my favorite laptop. I had just named it, too, which kills. Just started getting attached... Anyway, I've stalled long enough--here's some delicious linkage for your palate.

A look at some highlights from the Senior Bowl stuff which I haven't been keeping an eye on due to the Australian Open.... What, I love my tennis. Get off my back. (

Is Taylor Mays a good fit for the 49ers? I think he is and he isn't. You never want to pass on a talent like Mays, we could put him in over the questionable (in health) Michael Lewis and he can produce the same numbers and maybe get some others... but our needs are far greater than Taylor Mays and I'm almost certain there will be a few better picks at the time if he's available. (

Pro Bowl practice kicked off, cool stuff. I'll try and catch the game but more than likely I'll be heading to San Jose and eating delicious, delicious food at the time. Still, I'll make an effort to catch it. I want to see Vernon Davis haul in some catches from an actual NFL quarterback. Ok.. that was mean. (

More time is needed for QB Alex Smith. I'm willing to give him some, not that the choice would be mine... if the choice was mine, this team would have Kory Sheets, Thomas Clayton, Dominique Zeigler and Nate Davis starting. Instant 19-0, in my opinion. (

Jean Francois is heading the efforts on the 49ers to give Haitian relief. I know I donated... Still, what does everyone think of Jean Francois as a player? I feel like he could be really good if he got the chance and had his head in the game. (

Former 49ers offensive lineman Ray Brown was hired to assist the o-line coaching. Pretty decent hire, I'd say. (

The Santa Clara stadium voting should take place on the June ballot if everything goes according to plan. I'm still not very interested in all this, but I'm paying it a closer look now that Oakland has been seriously considered as a viable stadium option. Ugh. (

Gonna go ahead and repost this for laughs and also because it's always nice to see some 49ers defenses wrecking shop on some opposing offenses. Who had the best sack of 2009? My vote goes to that one guy.. pop singer.. um.. Lady GaGa, that was his name. (

Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo wants to talk with Isaac Bruce concerning their WR coaching position. This scares me, but I think it's a perfect fit for Bruuuuuuuce. (

So I'm not going to link to individual tweets but Darnell Dockett has been joking around with Frank Gore and Vernon Davis about coming to the 49ers. Frank Gore told him we'd run the west and the whole NFC and Vernon Davis told him he'd throw in a Rolex, any kind. Awesome stuff, here's his twitter. (