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Niners Nation T-Shirt Update

We had our discussion yesterday about the initial t-shirt idea I rolled out at the NN merchandise shop.  It's not going to be our only t-shirt, but rather it is just an initial idea to get the ball rolling so we can solidify an initial design.

I emailed some suggested changes to them based on everybody's comments and we have a slightly updated version of the red t-shirt with the quotation and URL on the back of the shirt, but with the same fonts in place.  I asked my contact there and he had the following to say:

The logo I used for the slogan and URL is Lewisham, a real cool old-timey text that has a turn-of-century San Francisco feel.  Our design people all LOVED it for the niners.  Its not really all caps which would look like this:  THE ONLY BLOG, instead the first letter is cap with smaller subsequent caps like this THE ONLY BLOG. We can do something different.  If you like, play with some fonts and let me know.  We tried a TON of fonts and this looked the coolest by far, but it's your store and we want you to be happy with the designs.

Any thoughts on this updated design?  The back of the shirt option has been applied across the board to the other shirts and hoodies so head over to the shop.  The white shirt site color is still a problem, so we'll work on that.  Any and all comments, critiques, or whatever, are welcome.  If you don't like the design, please provide constructive criticism so that I have something to take back to them.