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Kurt Warner Will He/Won't He Press Conference Open Thread

Today at noon pacific time the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner are holding a press conference to discuss his future with the Cardinals.  Many reports are indicating Warner will announce his retirement, and in fact, apparently he has an assortment of family and friends that will be in attendance.  All signs point to this being the end of the road for Kurt.  There have been a few folks (including Warren Moon) who don't think he'll retire now, but we'll find out either way today.  And considering the amount of time Brett Favre will likely drag out his "decision," kudos to Warner for announcing something now (barring it just be him pushing off the decision).

Whatever the answer might be to the will he/won't he question, I thought it was definitely worthwhile to have an open thread for all Kurt Warner discussion.  Whether he sticks around or retires, please use this thread for the discussion (as opposed to creating separate FanPosts).  Whether he retires or continues, it will probably have a dramatic effect on the NFC West race.  If you take Kurt Warner out of the equation, suddenly the Cardinals find themselves relying on Matt Leinart, Brian St. Pierre, a free agent, or a 2010 draft pick.  If Warner retires, maybe they try to get Donovan McNabb?  There are a whole lot of questions to consider, so feel free to begin the discussion here. is going to live-stream the press conference, similar to what we've seen with Coach Singletary's Monday press conferences.  They've provided this page for the press conference.  I won't be around to discuss this, but go to town in the comments section.