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Golden Nuggets: Suppose it is too early...

Heeey everyone. I should have a decent amount of links for you today, not quite sure just how many but I guess we'll find out. I'm guessing everything will be about the pro bowl but maybe I can scare up an article or two concerning the draft and all that good stuff. Keep in mind later on today at 11:45 there will be an open thread and a link to a live stream of Kurt Warner's press conference concerning whether or not he will retire. I don't have much to ramble about right now, I'm in a sour mood and I'm veeeeeery sick so I'm just going to get to your links and maybe something sarcastic and hilarious will come to mind as I write. Enjoy the links, foolios.

Here's a guy I really don't want on the Niners but I guess speculation will continue--could the 49ers reach for OG Mike Iupati in the first round? (

So I guess it IS too early to tell if Mike Singletary's approach will succeed. (

Oh man.. this is an article about Justin Smith joining the pro bowl practices and they just talked about Smith and Jared Allen being on the field at the same time.. so awesome.. they could both get mullets... yesssss. (

Pro Bowl Watch: Vernon Davis. I'm so glad he made it this season, he really deserved it. Glad too, because I wanted his [site decorum] gone last year. (

Hey cool, more Tim Tebow speculation. I'm as opposed to Tebow as I am an Oakland stadium. The guy isn't going to be good, and if he is, his personality is still unsufferable. Then again, maybe people like him--I am, after all, the only person ever to hate Kurt Warner as a person. God he's annoying... so um.. what was I talking about again? (

Hey, cool deal. Alex Smith is going to serve as a Super Bowl analyst for BBC.. Expect him to say "definitely" a lot. I think that was what he said, it's been so long since I heard him talk. (

Here's some thoughts on the senior bowl and pro bowl practices. (

Some highlights with Sando's NFC West chat. Leinart a starter? HAH! (

So what would the Cardinals do if Kurt Warner retired? Fold as a franchise, imo. (

Apparently Rams RB Steven Jackson was accused of abusing his then-pregnant girlfriend. Huh. (