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Golden Nuggets: Did you miss me? GO NINERS!

Morning everyone. Did you miss me? I know I missed you. I went on a trip for New Years, and wouldn't you know it the friends I was staying with only had one means of internet--hijacking it from the neighbors. Lovely, right? Needless to say this site loaded slower than well... than a lot of things. Point is, it just was not happening. So I've been completely disconnected from the outside world (no TV either) though I did have a pretty awesome New Years. Still, the bus ride home yesterday was brutal--got a nice flat tire for my troubles, which is funny because I worked so hard to make sure I caught that bus. Oh well, at least I had good times and comradery with my fellow passengers, right? Is that not the true treasure in a treasure hunt? It was an adventure, I'll tell you! Still... I suppose I'm stalling because I haven't been paying attention to the 49ers  seeing as how I've been shut off from society for a few days. We have the Rams today, I'll be on and in the game thread and I'll be providing the recap for you guys after the game. Enjoy the links, and GO NINERS!!

The 49ers signed their third kicker in three weeks to close out the season with both Nedney and his replacement down. (

I'll seriously miss LB Jeff Ulbrich as well as some others. But Ulbrich is where it's at, that guy has absolutely nothing left to prove. Quietly consistent for years. Great guy. (

Here's a preview from Maiocco for the game today. Should be a good one. (

A look back at this eh.. semi depressing decade as far as the 49ers are concerned. (

Regardless, this team has a chance to finish .500, and it would be the first time in a very long time. (

For better or worse, what we have to shoot for at this point is .500. (

A closer look at head coach Mike Singletary, I have yet to read this article, however. (

I do think CB Nate Clements is overpaid, but I think the number that he is supposedly overpaid in to the general public is a bit misconstrued. I'm glad he's not going anywhere. (

If WR Isaac Bruce plays today is should be in a very limited role. (

And now for the Teams Talk that Fooch has been waiting all year for--Andy Lee has a few things to say about the St. Louis Rams. (

Analyst Trent Dilfer seems to think the 49ers will be winning the NFC West next season. Awesome. (

Samuel Lam has some notes and a preview for the game today as well. (

Hoping familiarity and continuity will benefit the 49ers with the return of Jimmy Raye next season. (

Nate Davis finally practiced once as a quarterback this season... Hm. (