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49ers 28 - Rams 6: Not TOO Shabby..

Well uh... That was something, wasn't it? James here, filling in for Fooch and allow me to be the first to say "uhhh wut?" If you all were looking for a great game from the 49ers to give you some hope through the offseason, I suggest you refer to your TiVo and watch, say, the Cardinals game on Monday or something along those lines. This game was just ugly in every respect on both sides of the ball, though the defense wasn't... too bad.

Offensively, the 49ers were completely inept for most of the first half. Alex Smith had no protection from his offensive line, and when he did he made maybe... four good throws. There was consistent overthrowing, stupid mistakes and just bad decisions all around. Frank Gore played well, as always, but seemed to be the only player on offense who cared. Actually, scratch that, Vernon Davis pretty clearly cared, getting flagged for a couple penalties, one coming after he spiked the ball when not getting the first down.

Perhaps the worst part of the offense in this game was the playcalling. The 49ers under Jimmy Raye were abysmal today. Every 1st down seemed to be a run, every second down seemed to be a run, and every third down seemed to be a short pass over the middle from the shotgun. There was more punts in this game than any in recent memory, including three in rapid succession from the Rams due to penalties.

Still, in the second half the 49ers did what they usually do in St. Louis and the offense had spurts of greatness. Smith had some good passes, finally completed a deep pass to Crabtree that wasn't too high and Vernon Davis had a 70+ yard TD catch to tie Antonio Gates' record. Frank Gore also got a touchdown, I was hoping they'd have given it to Vernon Davis to break the record. Moran Norris got his first career rushing touchdown, as well. Yeah, you heard me right. Norris.

On the defensive side of the ball the 49ers played well enough I suppose. They did hold the Rams well and didn't give up any big plays, but you have to wish they forced some turnovers against this Rams offense. Justin Smith was far and above the defensive MVP, getting four sacks and eight tackles and being the sole pressure on several plays. Ahmad Brooks looked great as well and is bringing questions of whether or not the 49ers need to address a pass rusher in the draft. Dashon Goldson also made a lot of big hits and put himself in great position several times to make plays.

Overall it was an ugly first half and a decent second half, the 49ers finished strong in the game and finished... sort of strong in the season. It would have been nice to get Vernon that record, but all that really matters to me is the 49ers finished 8-8 for the first time in a long time, and that's an improvement.

Up Next: Offseason - The 49ers didn't make the playoffs this season, obviously. They did, however, look like an improved team under Singletary and that's what matters. This team needs a full offseason and a good draft.