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Golden Nuggets: Wish him well... not too well, though.

Good morning everyone. I'm here and not sick, so I'll do my due diligence and be at least 14.56% (approx) more awesome today. So the news that I care about (read as: the most important news by far) is this hiring of Jeff Ulbrich by the Seattle Seahawks. I knew that he would be hired almost instantly and I also knew that there was no way at all he would be coaching for the 49ers, at least not yet. I am flattered, though, as all 49ers fans should be, that the Seahawks thought so highly of one of our players. Then again, I suppose they're just hoping he'll help out with information regarding the Niners, but at the very least he should help a lot of young players be not only better players but also better people. Anyway, it's late, I'm tired, the rules of two-and-two says I'm going to shutup and get to your links. EDIT- Ahaha, took a break to eat, came back to finish my links, came back and realized I was banned from Field Gulls for telling them "You're like school in summer... no class." Man, I used italics and everything. Isn't it universal internet knowledge that italics denote you aren't serious at all? Aaanyway, here's the links for real.

Ex-49ers LB Jeff Ulbrich has been hired by the Seahawks. Lame, but also cool. That's weird how that works. (

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner retired yesterday. I'm pretty happy about that. (

The NFC West is... quite awful when it comes to quarterbacks. Think about it: Alex Smith is the best starting QB in the NFC West. Nice. (

TE Vernon Davis was mic'd up on the pro bowl practice field. (

A look at some standouts in the Senior Bowl, something I have paid zero attention to. (

LB Patrick Willis has a slight knee injury and will not be playing in the pro bowl. Move it back to Hawaii, Christ. This didn't work. (