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100 in 100: Russell Okung (19 of 100)

Russell Okung has been considered the top rated Offensive Linemen throughout the course of this past season. He was so good that he started as a true freshmen which is not too common for Offensive Linemen. Initially that season, Okung started at Right Tackle for the Cowboys and was able to end the year on a very high note by earning All-Big 12 Freshmen Team Honors. That season Okung was also named the Dick Bogert Award Winner.

In Okung's Sophomore year, he started all 13 games and only allowed 5 sacks the entire season. As a Junior, Okung also started every game which brought his start total up to 34 which at that point set a team record for consecutive starts. In 2009, as a Senior, the 6'6" 305 Pound Tackle continued his success and held guys like Von Miller. Sergio Kindle, and Auston English in basically not doing much at all.

Below, we'll look at some of Okungs Highlights and I will provide projections of where he could end up...


This video shows that Okung doesn't have very many weaknesses. At the next level he will be able to come in and make an immediate impact. Being that he doesn't have a lot of flaw in his game, it will be very highly unlikely that he would fall to the 49ers with the 13th pick on the draft.



Okung is probably one of the single most strongest Tackles coming out. He should have a very solid combine to lock up a top 5 pick. All of his fundamentals are sound, his mechanics are great and whoever ends up with him will be set at the least with one very solid Tackle for years to come.

Possibilities -- 1st Round; Lions, Bucs, Redskins, Chiefs, Seahawks.


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