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Golden Nuggets: No, seriously, let me know.

Morning everybody. So the pro bowl is today, I won't be watching. I'm staying up much later than I should so I can catch the Australian Open finals (something I've been looking forward to much more than the Super Bowl, seeing as how I don't care about the Saints or the Colts) and tomorrow it's a road trip, so you guys will have to let me know how it is. No, seriously, I want somebody here to comment on this as the game is on/after the game and tell me if I miss anything good. Link-wise, I don't have much for you. Also it seems I'm still banned from Field Gulls.. nice! Haha, anyway, here's some links!

TE Vernon Davis: Beast Incarnate... well, that's not the name of the article but it totally should be, right? Of course. (

Some impressions from the Senior Bowl from Barrows, who has seemed utterly engrossed in it this past week. (

S Dashon Goldson is looking for security as he enters his contract year. I wouldn't be opposed to the 49ers offering him some decent cash. (

Maiocco also has some notes from the senior bowl in the second half of this article. (

In what scientists are calling "pretty lame," Patrick Willis won't be playing in the Pro Bowl today. (

Here's some stuff about Kurt Warner's retirement and his career, etc things like that. Personally, I think he's just on the edge of being a hall of famer. The hall of exceedingly good and opportunistic--but maybe not the hall of fame. I'm conflicted. (

So some folks think Matt Leinart deserves a fresh start in Arizona.. I suppose that's true. I mean, Smith got one here, right? (

That's an interesting thought.. the Cardinals being a power running team. Hm.. (