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Niners Nation merchandise update

We've made some changes to a variety of the t-shirt options.  The red t-shirt option is good to go and ready to be purchased.  I've posted a JPG of the front and back after the jump, but you can also see it at the site above.  The picture of it at the store is a better version of it.

The shipping is a bit pricey at $6 per order for 1 item, plus $1 more per additional item.  If you're looking to get a hoodie and a t-shirt, or a white shirt and red shirt, you're probably gonna want to wait until we've perfected those, since if you bought them separately it's $6 per shipping.

Speaking of the hoodie, we've got some other items that we've been messing around with as far as colors are concerned:

Red Hoodie
What do folks think of the hoodie?  I moved the quotation to the front page and dropped the URL.  The site name font is a bit larger and the quotation font a bit smaller based on a suggestion from Ninjames.  For this first option, what do people think?  I'm tempted to go with it as is.

Test Option
My contact put together a test red shirt that had NIners Nation in white and gold, just to see what people think of the name in that mix of colors.  Thoughts?

White front and back t-shirt
On the white t-shirt, they've put the site name on the front in a mix of red and gold.  What do people think of that, versus all red or all gold?

White front t-shirt
We've also got the white shirt with everything on the front, minus the URL.  If there is no text on the back it's about $3.50 cheaper.  We could also go with a just on the front red t-shirt if people are looking for that cost savings option.

So, let me hear your thoughts on these four that I've mentioned.  Again, we'll be looking at other designs, but we're trying to nail what we've got so far before taking the next step.