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NFL creates "The Coach Shula Award" to recognize leadership values

The NFL announced over the weekend that they've created "The Coach Shula Award," which will honor each NFL season a football coach that displays the integrity, achievement, and positive impact on others exemplified by the winningest coach in NFL history.  Commissioner Goodell and Don Shula will formulate a nomination process and panel that will select the annual winner of "The Coach Shula Award."  Nominees can be NFL coaches or coaches at any level of football that have displayed the qualities represented by Don Shula.  A timetable for the selection and announcement of the initial winner of "The Coach Shula Award" will be determined after the Super Bowl.

The award is a bit odd in that it's not a coach of the year type of award, but rather an award for what appears to be being a good guy as head coach.  It sounds like you could potentially have high school and college coaches winning this award in the right circumstances.

I don't know if he'll get nominated, but in light of the Pro Bowl and Vernon Davis making his first appearance, is it reasonable to think Coach Singletary deserves some consideration for this?  Or am I making too big a deal out of his influence in Vernon Davis basically turning around his NFL career?  It sounds like it is looking at the coach's impact on society, so maybe I'm thinking too narrowly on this.