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Golden Nuggets: Happy or sad? Happy that we're not 7-9!

Well morning everyone. So, the 49ers had their last game of the season yesterday, and because the team didn't make the playoffs that's all she wrote as far as seeing the team play goes for another bunch-a months. I just wanted to thank everyone here, all the readers and contributors and the like. But don't just up and leave, these Nuggets will be here every. single. day. in the offseason and coverage will extend throughout. We'll have some interesting articles for you to read as often as possible and I hope you all can stick around for discussion. That being said, how bad does it suck to not make the playoffs? Pretty bad... It also doesn't help that Alex Smith played... poorly, when you really look at it. I don't think he's completed one pass to WR Michael Crabtree that he didn't have to jump up into the air to catch. Still, that's just one question mark going into this offseason, though I feel this time that they have a lot less of them in comparison to going into this season, right? Right. Anyway, here's some links for you!

QB Alex Smith's uneven play has created some offseason doubts. Should he be the starting quarterback next season? Who knows... I don't know where I stand on the matter, to be honest. (

Maiocco has his final report card of this season from the 49ers win over the Rams yesterday. (

Pretty cool, TE Vernon Davis got himself a piece of the TD record held by Antonio Gates. He tied it yesterday. (

The team did make a whole lot of noise this season to only finish with an 8-8 record. (

It's all about the quarterbacks... The 49ers may or may not have one. (

Just some post game notes and what not from Barrows. (

So it's pretty much known that WR Isaac Bruce will retire. He's pretty much a lock for the hall of fame. (

So are you happy or sad with 8-8? It's weird, I mean, I'm happy that it's not 7-9, obviously.. but it could have been 10-6 or even 11-5. (

I did like the fact that this 49ers defense did a good job of creating turnovers this season. (