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Mike Singletary Monday lunch press conference: Rams edition

The 49ers closed out their season yesterday and Mike Singletary will have his final day after press conference for this season.  Normally the press conference begins at 11:45, but today it will not happen until 3:15pm.  The players will be made available to the media from 8:30-9:30am.  I'd imagine the team will be conducting final meetings (not sure how many hours/days that will last), which is why Singletary won't meet with the press until the afternoon.

I'd imagine most of the questions will be focused on the offseason, as opposed to the results of the Rams game.  Over the past 16 weeks, Mike Singletary has often deflected questions by stating he wanted to play through the games first.  The most notable of those questions was about whether Alex Smith would be named starter yet for 2010.  I'm very curious to see what comments are made about that issue today.  At this point, the only excuse I can imagine being remotely acceptable for not naming him yet is Singletary, Raye and Johnson need to review all the tape from the season.  And even that kind of excuse is fairly weak.  Many disagree with giving Smith the opportunity next season, but if he's going to be your guy come July, just end any suspense now.

As always, the link below will take you to live viewing (or a replay if you want to watch it later).  And of course I'll have the transcript up later tonight when it's emailed to me.

Live Press Conference Link