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Golden Nuggets: So... draft time yet?

Hey everyone. We're into the 49ers offseason, etc all that good stuff. It's weird, I feel better today than I did yesterday concerning the 49ers. This team progressed much further than their record implied. If you think about it, the team answered some questions, especially on defense. Dashon Goldson emerged, Ahmad Brooks decided that he was going to be good, Aubrayo Franklin played very well. On offense Vernon Davis emerged in brilliant fashion, while Josh Morgan and Michael Crabtree also proved to be legitimate receiving threats. I think, however, we still have some pretty hefty question marks.. I'm looking at you, Alex Smith and you, Jimmy Raye. Still... should be a productive offseason, and I suppose the playoffs for this season are interesting enough to keep an eye on. I'm quite under the weather today so I'll go ahead and get to your links.

Here's a Yahoo 49ers Team Report. (

Coach Singletary is backing Alex Smith and Jimmy Raye. Not sure how I feel about that. (

Though he does say he is constantly evaluating the QB position. (

Well we've reached 8-8, the next step is obviously the playoffs. (

Singletary hits rewind on the 2009 season. (

The offense is still the question mark, as stated.. Man I don't feel good about Raye. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The first 20 picks in the draft are almost set. (

Looks like I'm not the only one who wants Aubrayo Franklin back--it seems Patrick Willis is making appeals for the team to keep him. (

Barrows takes a look at the upcoming free agents for the 49ers, and their likelihood of returning for next season. Thomas Clayton appearance, aww yeeeah! And yes, folks, I will ride that bandwagon until he's out of the league, and probably for five years after the fact. (

Pretty good way to describe it--the 49ers are clearly a cliffhanger team. (

Man, I love some Justin Smith. After his best game, I only like him more. (