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Jimmy Raye Approval Rating, Week 17


Every year it seems like there is always one particularly big issue that gets 49ers fans all twisted up. This year, aside from the punt return unit, the offense seemed to bear the brunt of hostility from 49ers fans. Seeing as we'll have plenty of opportunity to discuss the season that was for Jimmy Raye, I thought I'd keep this relatively simple.

Yesterday I wrote up a post about Alex Smith in which I indicated I thought Alex Smith and the offense would benefit with a second year of the same offensive coordinator, even if it was the controversial Jimmy Raye. One of the arguments against Jimmy Raye sticking around (at least in the full-on OC position) is that his offenses really have not taken off under his tutelage. The argument I make probably falls under the sometimes ridiculous "but maybe it will be different this time" school of thought.

Given the talent at his disposal, and a chance for some continuity for Alex Smith, can Jimmy Raye do enough heading into next season to net a vote of confidence? He's clearly not a guy who will be running the offense for the next decade, but conceivably, is he a guy who could carry the show for one or two more seasons before Mike Johnson potentially takes over? I'm not saying that's the plan in place, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me. Some folks may agree with me, and I know plenty of folks will disagree with me.