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Patrick Willis named NFL Alumni 2009 Linebacker of the Year

It looks like we've got a new award involving NFL Alumni called the NFL Alumni Team.  The players on this team are selected through a voting process in which former players cast ballots for their "modern counterparts." Former pros vote only for the positions they once played themselves.  NFL Alumni is a non-profit organization composed primarily of former NFL players who have joined to advocate for key issues affecting retired players such as medical, financial and career-transition needs while also supporting youth charities.

This year's team included our very own Patrick Willis.  The team is not a full roster but consists of five offensive players, four defensive players, one special teams player, and one coach.  The players and coach will be honored at a banquet in Hollywood, Florida where they'll receive their plaque from a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who once played the same position.  Maybe Samurai Mike will be there for Bamm Bamm.

The entire team is after the jump...





  • Coach-Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints)