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Golden Nuggets: Continuity.. such a fickle mistress.

Morning, morning. Sorry about the lack of Nuggets yesterday, it was a mental error on my part and a slight miscalculation of... awakeness. Anyway, I'm here today, I've apologized, etc etc. Why the heck did we part ways with Al Everest? I was under the impression he was one of the best in the game. Oh well, I have faith in this team and if everyone feels that Everest can be better replaced then fine by me. What else of note.. some 49ers were signed to future contracts, let me say just a big "aww yeeeeah" for WR Dominique Zeigler. Yes, folks, I will be once again riding the Zeigler + Clayton bandwagon/war wagon this entire offseason, albeit this time with a little sadness since I can't be jumping on the Kory Sheets one. He was, after all, our future. That being said I'm in a slight hurry as I've got, well, "somebody" waiting on me. Here's some links, enjoy folks.

Patrick Willis took home a new award, but one that feels like it's going to be prestigious. Pretty cool! (

The 49ers envy (apparently) the continuity of the coaching staffs of the teams in the playoffs. Huh. (

The team signed four players to future contracts. Oh wait.. who.. who's that? Dominique Zeigler! Aww yeeeah! He won't be eligible for the practice squad this coming season, huh? (

Special Teams coordinator Al Everest will not be asked back. That sucks. I don't know, I guess he slipped, but man. I don't know about that move. (

Here's a first look at some of the 49ers 2010 opponents. (

Maiocco has a very comprehensive look back at the highs and lows of this season. Sigh. (

A look at some of the 49ers needs.. and some of their wants in the upcoming draft. (

A lot of players are wanting Aubrayo Franklin resigned. Hey, me too. (