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Niners Nation in 2009 by the numbers

Earlier today we looked at the 49ers offense in 2009 by the numbers.  Stats can show you a lot about a team.  At the same time, even if you learn nothing, they can still be entertaining to check out.  Yesterday, the powers that be of SB Nation, at least on the tech side, were able to put together some intriguing information about each of the sites.  I'm always curious about the numbers for the site, and they were kind enough to put together the following information:

New Members Total
Total Comments
Total Stories
Total FanPosts
Total FanShots
Most Active Commenters
Most Stories Published
Most FanPosts Published
Most FanShots Published

I've posted everything after the jump.  For the four "most" categories, feel free to guess who they might be.  Obviously I'm near or at the top of the categories, but we've got some busy bees here at Niners Nation.

After the rundown of statistics, I've got a few comments on how 2009 compared to 2008.

Stats For 2009

New Members


Total Comments


Total Stories


Total FanPosts


Total FanShots


Most Active Commenters

User Count
bignerd 5424
rlott#42 5227
Fooch 4230
Drew K 4207
sfgfan 4052
chikmagnet_565 3308
howtheyscored 3068
smileyman 3010
drummer 2887
SpurredOn 2810

Most Stories

User Count
Fooch 983
Ninjames 273
Florida Danny 60
ProfessorBigelow 50
Andrew Davidson 46
howtheyscored 38
Josh Branco 19
Drew K 12
urnext 11
briandean 11

Most FanPosts

User Count
Fooch 38
nocal81 35
howtheyscored 32
Drew K 26
supraman 23
Dub4lif3 21
StevenC 20
Tony C 20
Since79 18
smileyman 18

Most FanShots

User Count
Fooch 128
supraman 38
Andrew Davidson 27
49erLou 23
ProfessorBigelow 20
nocal81 17
foosball4949 15
BasharCali49 15
rlott#42 12
chikmagnet_565 11

2008 information was also provided to us and it shows a tremendous amount of growth.  In 2008, we had 816 new members register, while in 2009 we had 3,176 new members sign up.  In 2008, we had 27,073 comments made on the site (between front page posts, FanPosts and FanShots).  In 2009, we had 143,891 comments.  That's over five times as many comments.  In 2008 we had 710 front page posts and 378 FanPosts.  In 2009 we had 1,516 front page posts and 1,049 Fanposts.  That increase in daily content (over twice as much) is certainly a big factor in the increase in new members and total comments.

As much as things improved in 2009 for the site, there is still plenty of room for improvement.  I look forward to an exciting new decade.