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Golden Nuggets: Let the shortage of links begin

Good morning.. So the news today is uh.. about Vernon Davis being an honorary captain for the Olympic Curling Team...? Huh. That's kind of a weird one. Not too sure how I feel about it, but I guess it's cool, right? Right. Anyway, I don't have all that many links for you today and I'm also having to work fast as I've got big things to do tomorrow so if I miss anything and you come across it, do be sure to post it in the comments for everyone to see as I'm not always great at finding everything. Seeing as I'm in a hurry, here's some links.

Pretty cool, ex-49er Bryant Young may have a new job lined up. Also takes a look at some of the 49ers upcoming free agents. (

Yeah, Vernon Davis is going to serve as an honorary captain for the Olympic curling team. Huh. (

Barrows takes a look at some players from last nights championship game. I'm disturbed by the fact that he talks about another safety when Dashon is really emerging. I think we don't have to worry about that, unless it's in the capacity of a SS. The guy I want, and I honestly feel like he could be worth whatever our later pick is, is CB Javier Arenas. (

49ers went for it, and came up short. (

Maiocco takes a look at the 49ers priorities going into the offseason. (

Sando has his "All-NFC West Specialists" team/rankings. (