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49ers Special Teams watch: Interview Larry Mac Duff, possibly interested in Bobby April

The search for a special teams coordinator appears to be at the top of the priority list for the 49ers at this early juncture in the offseason.  Since free agency and the draft are still a ways off, it makes sense to get the coaching staff rounded out sooner rather than later.  Matt Barrows (and Maiocco) is reporting that the 49ers interviewed their former special teams coordinator Larry Mac Duff.

For those that don't remember, Mac Duff was the ST Coordinator from 2003-2006 before leaving the team to take a job as defensive coordinator for the Texas Longhorns.  Mac Duff has 30+ years of experience as a coordinator of both defenses and special teams and would certainly be a solid option.  In addition, Barrows did mention that the team was interested in former Bills coordinator Bobby April, a guy many of you have expressed interest in.

Al Everest was canned primarily due to the problems in the punt return game, so I'm certainly curious to see what kind of changes a new coordinator would bring, aside from new personnel.